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Community Guidelines

which can be found here but Also here is the brief rules for this card


No irrelevant cards - Ive seen so many of those in different communities but please not in here,if you want to spread your love of something to the world on vingle make sure that it should be added to the right community instead of the wrong one so people wouldnt be confused or the card you worked so hard for get reported


Don't be mean to others-If You see someone that is being rude mean or just downright being a downright "Clod" you can report it to me or Vingle english and if people are being mean in private messages you can read up on how to report them in the link right down below VVVV



No Spoilers - there might be some new people who havent seen the series so please be considerate of others and keep all spoilers to a minimum but last but not least...


Have Fun! - We here in the SU community (even though we are new ) are a fun loving community who welcomes everyone with open arms!


Support openings!

>Have you ever wanted to become a support?

> Are you always active on vingle and love Steven Universe?

> Do you have Kik or Kakao

If you answer to all of these questions above I am looking for Supporters for the community because A) I'moing back to college in a few weeks and May be busy with school so I need people to keep an eye on B) I am in need of people who wants to be committed here and Need all the help i can get of getting new people for this growing community So if you are intrested of joining the Vingle Gems please leave a message or a comment below!

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