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An Amber smut upon request on my tumblr enjoy!

I sit on the floor with my feet behind me. I sit with my back up straight, my eyes to the floor, and my hands gently placed on my thighs. I raise my gaze when I hear my lover enter the room. I swallow hard and fidget at the sight of her. Amber stands in front of me completely naked aside from a seven inch strap on hugging her sexy hips. She smirks and looks down at me taking another step closer. She reaches down and runs her fingers on the side of my face moving them upward so she can tangle them in my hair. I close my eyes and sigh out as she slowly pulls forcing my head back I open my eyes back up as she rubs the tip of her snap on against my parted lips. I look up at her and start to suck hard but slow. She guides my head moving it faster forcing me to take it all in at once and then slowly pull it from my mouth. I start to pant as she repeats this for a time. Saliva quickly coats her stolen member and starts to drip from my mouth. When I first met Amber she was forced to hide who she really is for the sake of her title to fame. But now she has learned how to be completely who she is and who she wants to be. With a woman. I am grateful that Amber fell in love with me. Not only my heart but also my body belongs to her and I gave them both up with no fight. With Amber there is no fight, no worry. With her there is only love, trust, and lust. And all three of those emotions I feel as Amber pins me to the bed. She stares down at me for a moment then slowly leans down and just barely presses her lips to mine. I lift my head and take her bottom lip in between my teeth telling her without using words how she makes me feel. Amber slowly moves down to my heated sex sliding her hands from around my wrists to pin my hips down instead. I take in a sharp gasp as she wraps her mouth around my clit making it hard with excitement. I arch my back and try to buck my hips despite Amber having them firmly pinned. “You always squirm.” She breathes again my inner thighs. “Be still.” She demands digging her nails into my hip bones only making me want her more. She lifts her eyes lock her gaze with mine and I moan at how dark her gaze is. Nothing but lust falls there. I bite my lip and arch my back from the bed even more as she slides her tongue in my dripping sex. I let my hands fall and let my fingers wrap around her hair pulling it. When Amber licks and sucks hard pressing her tongue to my clit as she slides two fingers inside me not even he firm hold on my hips can stop them from buckling. I moan and pant hard as I buck my hips only adding to the pleasure she is giving me. The suddenly she pulls away to stand on her knees in front of me. I look up at her panting like a dog and she blushes ever so slightly handing me a remote. I take it and know exactly what it’s for. I turn on the vibrator already within Amber’s walls and watch addictively as she bites her lip at the sensation. Even she cannot stop her hips from bucking as i up the speed a small degree. Soon she is panting as I am hovering over me. Without warning she slides into me making my walls tense around the foreign object. This is why this strap on is her favorite. It curves ever so slightly but it's just the right amount to hit my spot with ease. In less than a minute I am gripping the sheets above my head begging her to go faster. The excitement from both of our sexes soon wet the bed only making it more unbearable. “Please!!” I beg to her. That does the trick. The sound of me begging for her makes Amber obey my plea. Faster and harder she thrusts her hips holding my hips up so she can go as deep as possible. Amber throws her head back and moans as I increases the speed of the vibrator. But it doesn't take too long for her to lift her head back up and look down at me with a smirk playing on her lips. Lifting up her hand amber pulls out a remote of her own and hits the on button. It all comes over me at once. Instantly the shaft starts to vibrate violently within me. I reach both of my hands above my head to grip the sheets and arch my back away from the bed. It’s all too much too soon and all at once. Amber knows this but instead she starts to ram into me not only hitting my spot also forcing the sweet vibration to radiate my orgasm and wrap itself around it. Yes. It’s all too much for me. It only takes one more thrust from Amber to seal the deal and my hips shake and my walls pulse as my climax washes over me. I embrace it all though loving the way Amber drives my body to new limits each time. But two can play at this game. Amber made the mistake of forgetting I have my own magical remote. I will use it to make her go crazy. Keeping my hands under the pillow above my head I wait for the right time to go through with my attack. Faster and harder she thrusts making me temporarily distracted. But I can’t lose focus now. I bite my lip and force my eyes open to look up at Amber’s smug face. Now! I say to myself and turn the speed all the way up. Amber instantly reacts falling from her knees to hover over my body panting hard eyes closed and face flushed with pleasure. Her body stills but I know a sensual heat it running through her body. I smirk to myself as she lets out a loud moan a plea almost for me to show her body mercy. But I will not. The sight of her so flustered and hot makes my excitement rise and my pleasure boil. She moves her hands to wrap them around my wrists pinning them back to the bed roughly. Her head hangs down and she pants hard and fast. I look up and a whole new rush of excitement flows from my sex as I see that her eyes are closed and she is biting her lip hard trying not to moan. I won’t have that though. Even though she has my wrists pinned to the bed I take what flexibility I have to lift my head tilting my head back so that I can touch my lips to her neck. At first I praise her by panting hard against the sensitive part of her neck. He thrusts her hips slowly returning the praise. I close my eyes my eyelashes tickling her neck and I moan loudly. I pant against her neck a few times before opening my mouth and biting down on her neck making her go crazy. Her nails dig into the skin of my wrists and I arch my back toward her body. “Fuck…” Amber sighs out her body shaking. That’s when she starts to ram into me again making my body go crazy with all the pleasure Amber is forcing through my veins. Just like mine before Amber’s hips start to buck and shake violently and she throws her head back. The most addictive and lustful moan flows from Amber’s mouth and that’s all it takes for me to be thrown into another high. I try to break my wrists from her grasp and Amber complies letting my wrists free. I instantly lift my arms and wrap my arms around her neck clawing at her back. She sighs out loudly and moans her my name hiding her face in my neck. This time I am the one to moan loudly as she growls and bites down on my neck holding the skin between her teeth. I scream out her name as loud as I can as she rams into my magnifying my climax. I reach up and pull her hair roughly and she moans into my neck as her body tenses and relaxes at the same time. A hot liquid soaks my thighs and the sheets under the both of us. I look up at Amber and smirk at the sight of her. The female ejaculation. The best thing about lesbian sex. I let Amber fall onto my putting her whole body weight on mine. I turn off the vibrator and moves from under her. I help her out of the strap on and turn that off as well. I lay next to her on my side clinging to her body. Both of us panting and sweating like crazy. We both wait for each other to calm down completely before we start to clean up the mess we both helped to make. Once the dirty sheets are in the wash and new ones are on the bed Amber stands behind me rubbing my neglected nipples making me moan on command. She leans down so that her mouth presses to my ear. “Let’s get you washed up hm?” She whispers the smirk on her lips tickling my ear.

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