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“What if I don’t want you to leave me yet?” The words left your mouth before you even had a chance to think. Both of you froze, eyes widening as he turned to you. You let your arm fall, your eyes flickering from his eyes to his arm, your own hand flying up to your mouth.

“I-I’m not-I didn’t mean-” You stuttered, backing away from him.


“No! Stop. That was a mistake.” You muttered, pointing your finger at him, your heart race quickening at the words he said, hearing them echo in your head.

“I was thinking about putting little blue flowers around, you always talked about loving the color blue.” Jimin rambled excitedly, looking through the colored themes where the ceremony would be held. You nervously squeezed his hand, an apologetic smile making it’s way onto your face. “Chim, purple. I always talked about purple.” You said softly, a giggle making it’s way past your lips when his cheeks tinted pink.

“O-Oh, I’m sorry Jagi.” He said and placed a small kiss on your forehead. “I guess I don’t pay attention as much as I thought.” You shrugged it off, looking around the papers anxiously, pursing your lips when you saw some you disliked, other’s just simply not matching your taste. “Is there anymore?” You asked him without looking up, gently setting some aside that you didn’t like, which was a majority of it.

“No, that’s all of it.” He said softly, putting his hand on top of yours. “Look, if you don’t want to do this, we don’t have to. I swear Jagi, it’ll be fine if you want to wait.” You shook your head, giving him a brief yet affectionate glance, a forced smile making it’s way onto your face. “I want this, don’t worry about it.”

He nodded, not exactly believing you, but accepted your answer anyways.

“He doesn’t know what you want, does he?”

“Stop. He’s doing the best he can.” You mumbled, burying your hands in your hair, completely stressed out with all the marriage arrangements. He shrugged, taking a seat next to you, looking at the papers and scoffing to himself.

“This is the exact opposite of what you want.”

“Yoongi, how can yo-”

“You want a small wedding with white carnations, you don’t care for the theme as long as there’s lilac colors in it, you want it in a small church even if you aren’t that religious, you want only us and your family to be there, you want foods that can be extravagant yet simple and appealing, nothing too flashy for the dress and nothing too inappropriate.” He listened, blankly looking at the papers, brushing them aside.

You looked at him wide eyed, not realizing that he listen every single thing you wanted. “How can you remember all that? I told you that years ago, a-and I only mentioned it once.”

He smirked, putting his hand on your cheek, rubbing the pad of his thumb along your soft skin. “I know you more than you think.” He whispered, giving you a small smile before standing up. “And the ring, you didn’t want it traditional with the diamonds, you wanted to be different, that’s why you wanted amethyst.”

“Yoongi.” You uttered, completely speechless as you watched him walk away.


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