Brief Introduction of Hand Metal Scanner

Hand metal scanner is used to scan metal objects. It can scan weapon, bomb, little pieces of metal objects hidden in parcel, baggage, mail, letter, fabric carried by people. It owns extremely high sensitivity and can be used in many places, including in prison, hospital, bus station, airport, examination room, etc.

Compared with other airport luggage scanner, hand digital walkthrough metal detector has light weight and simple structure, making it easy to be carried at any time. It is used to check the specific location of the metal objects carried by human bodies. It can also be used matching with metal detector equipment. When other fixed detector equipment discovers metal objects, by using hand metal scanner, security inspection department can uses it to find the exact location of the hidden metal objects. This hand metal scanner adopts rectangular detection head. When scanning human bodies, it can accomplish the inspection quickly, which saves time.

It is quiet easy to be operated Hand metal scanner . Before using, you should open the battery compartment cover of the hand metal scanner first, and then place battery into the X-ray baggage inspection system cover. Please make sure that the battery you put is 9V. Hand metal scanner costs a little battery, and each new battery can be used for 50 hours. When the battery is not enough for work, the machine will alarm and remind us to change new battery. When using, security staff should hold the handle, and press the starting key, then loosen it. At this time, the signal lamp of hand metal scanner is lightening, which indicates that the machine has entered working state. Security staff handles the machine and scan the back and forth of human bodies, and if there are metal objects on bodies, the machine will alarm. After finishing checking work, users should press the key to turn off hand metal scanner, in case of battery waste.

However, apart from scanning metal objects, handheld metal detector can also judge different sizes of the metal objects. Human are dull at distinguishing changes of volume, and are kind of sensitive to distinguish tonal changes. According to this situation, hand metal scanner is designed to make users judge the size of metal objects easily. When the machine gives out deep sound, it means that there exists a small metal object, like buckle; if it sounds extremely shrill, it means that there must exists a large metal objects, like gun, dagger.

As a kind of metal scanner, baggage scanners is much more convenient than other metal scanners. This convenient hand metal scanner is more accurate than fixed security door. It uses the principle of electro-magnetic induction, which is reliable to ensure safety. Through electro-magnetic inducting to metal objects, it can give an alarm by acousto-optic alarm, vibration, and earphone.

With hand metal scanner‘s obvious advantages including high sensitivity, light weight, little energy consumption, and other advantages, I am sure that it will have a bright prospect and will be improved greatly in the near future.

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