Happy Birthday V!

Hello everyone!!

So I'm just going to throw it at you guys....It's V aka Taehyung's birthday today!!!! Are you excited? Cause I certainly am!!

V has to one of the greatest people in the whole world!! Well actually....All of BTS are great people!! I love BTS and Taehyung. They're all so perfect!!!

So please, enjoy some beautiful pictures and gifs of our squishy Taehyun cx

Ahhh!!! How can he be so cute and so sexy at the same time!?!?!

His smile is just too much for me!! But then he bites his lips and stares at us with that....stare.

Gah!!! He's just so adorable and he's so funny!!

Whenever he's just doing whatever, either messing around, playing with the members, or just staring confused at everything, he always manages to make me smile cX

He is such a bias wrecker!!!! No wonder so many ARMY stan him!! Who wouldn't?!!?

Well...I didn't...But he almost became my bias!! And who even needs a bias in BTS when all the members are so unique and perfect in their own ways?

I mean, just look at V!! So precious o.o


Stahp it V!! Stahp being so perfect and hurting my heart so much!!

No? You're not going to stop? ....Well then....I guess I can live with that cX But only for a limited time! This boy kills me so much!!!!


Haha well that was an enjoyable experience finding pictures and gifs of this adorable little cutie!

It did not take that long for me to find pictures that I liked of him since basically every picture I found of him were so good!! He's just naturally a cutie~

And then he comes at you all of a sudden like a smack to the face and he's being all sexy and just gaaaaahhhh!!! Why are you so attractive V!!? And his voice!!! Literally melts me *-*

Oh, and his rapping skills of course. He's definitely a born rapper cX

Anyway, I love V so much, and I hope he had an amazing today!! I hope that he continues to smile and be his weird little self. I never want to forget his amazing smile and all of his silly/adorable little qualities. I hope you all also have an amazing day today C: We love you so much V!! Happy birthday!!!! Stay healthy and fighting!

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