Yurio Only Accepts Flowers From Otabek (Yurio × Otabek)

(Aww Victor called Yuri honey *squeals*)

(Phichit's comment though)

(Omg I didn't notice Yurio was crying until now lol. That's so cute.)

Credits to the artist.

HELLO!! Welcome to my bio, where I talk about nothing...just kidding, lol ^.^ My online name is Takami Ren (Two characters name combined). I like any anime as long as I am enjoying it at the moment (SUBBED ONLY). I have different mood swings so I change my favorite genres all the time ;). My hobbies are drawing, hearing music, and reading some fanfics. I am shy and awkward but definitely don't feel shy to talk to me ^_^. I always enjoy company on my adventures on vingle!!
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