So I wound up playing this game...

Okay, so I discovered this screenshot game kind of late... oh well, better late than never. Let's do this!

So right off, Guang-Hong is my coach. He seems pretty focused, I think he'd do a good job.

Yeah, I would totally be cool with dating Leo. I like laid-back guys.

I'm cool with this except for the part where I make Victor cry because he thinks I stole his boyfriend.

I think JJ would be more of a part-time rival... super-competitive on the ice, then off the ice we go out for bubble tea and talk about TV shows.

I love this game for giving me the most adorable, open-minded, and supportive best friend a person can have. ❤

Okay. Why in the hell did I stop dating him?!

Thanks@AimeBolanos for this one!

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