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hello my lovely Vingle and fellow inner circles. It is my pleasure to announce that @resavalencia has asked me, @VeronicaArtino to continue being a supporter for her and our boys Winner.

Awe thank you so much @resavalencia. I am looking forward to an amazing quarter. I wonder if our boys are excited as me.


Mino, why are you laughing?

"Sorry, noona. No I'm not sorry. You are going to cause havoc on our fans' heart."

"No I promise not to the point they die."


Seungyoon and Seunghoon don't stare like your dumbfounded. Mino, seriously.

Noona, seriously, we are just speechless at what a great decision @resavalencia made. But you know one of us will over come Jinwoo for bias.

No not a chance JinWoo is my bias.


So who are you covering then..

Fine there is a possibility Seungyoon that by the end of this Q1 will wreck me when I post about your sexiness every Tuesday.


Hahaha, Noona he going to wreck you like this.

Have you been talking to Resa and RM @Bangtanss) again plotting my demise and falling out with JinWoo? Jinwoo I promise it won't happen

I'm not sure you can keep that promise noona.

Et tu Seunghoon? This smells of Melissa @MelissaGarza)

She just knows that your heart is to big to stay true...

Jinwoo tell them they are wrong


wait what did you just tell Mino that he's laughing

Noona nothing you should worry your pretty little head about...

Mino you are not playing nice. Jinwoo you know I Love you


wait what does that wink mean?...


seriously the silent treatment?...


JinWoo...fine I'll give Seungyoon an opportunity to try to steal me...


Yes ...

be gentle...

Bahahaha .... soon you'll be in my clutches...

*I looks towards JinWoo.*


this is going to be entertaining


So a little about me...

JinWoo is my Winner Bias....though if you can't tell he is always in Jeopardy of getting kicked from that spot

I'm 30...have a son... Also l am a supporter for the GOT7, TOP, CNBlue communities.

This Q1 I am Mod for the Kdrama community.

I'm multifandom.

I'll try to post more games and fanfics for the community well anything else you want to know. Just ask.

come join us in the community.


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