~BlackPink Community Support Intro~


Hello Hello!!

You may recognize me...or not...but that is okay! LOL

*most awkward intro of my life*

So, I am making this card to say that @VKookie47 was kind enough to let me join the mod team for the first quarter as a support!


Crazy right?!?

This is my first time being a supporter so if I mess up or something please make sure to let me know as I have absolutely no idea what I am doing...

*cries and laughs at the same time*


But anywho, I am in charge of the wonderful and 4D goddess Jisoo this quarter!!

Who doesn't love her, am I right?!


So, I will be starting a taglist for the Jicklets today so if you would like to be tagged in my cards about Jisoo, make sure to leave a comment below and let me know! XD

(Or if you would just like to be added to the whole mod's taglist (Pink Ashes), let me know as well so I can make sure the others tag you!)

I will be starting her cards on Tuesday and I will be doing an intro card for those who don't know Jisoo that well or the people who just want to learn more about her!

But before that, I thought I would share some info on me so you guys can get to know me a little! XD

1. I am Chanyeol trash (he ruined my life and I didn't stop him)

2. I love too many bands to list - major multifandomer

3. I have been listening to kpop for about 7 years now (I am in too deep lol)

4. Super Junior brought me in, EXO made me stay against my will I might add

5. BlackPink, Mamamoo, and Red Velvet are my favorite girl groups

6. I am Hispanic even though I look white as chalk lmao

7. I love video games (WoW, Sims 4, Resident Evil, Call of Duty, and tons of others~)

8. And I am hardworking and determined so be prepared to be SLAMMED with my craziness! XD


Well, that's about it!

This was way longer than I thought it would be....soooo let's stop here before I continue rambling lol

Thanks fam and I will see you Tuesday! ;)

Black Flames Squad






Pink Ashes (Official Taglist)


Savage Thunder Mafia:


Other Fam:


Tagging the randoms~ (for only this card ;) ):

A –@AlexisCortez@AlisonMandia@ALittleJoy@AllieStinnett@AlyssaGelet818@AmandaOwnbey@AmberRelynn@amullins2007@AnalisaWesson@Annaharris1989@AnnieGoodman@AraceliJimenez@ArtCrazy@AuraKyoshiro@axsmom

B –@BAbrajan1@bbyitskatie@BereniceMaqueda@blackirishawk@BlackRabbit21

C –@CarenBoykins@casiegarza0330@catchyacrayon@cenasgirl101@cennajp@ChauncyVSutton@ChelestiEdwards@clandrea170@CloverShadows@CrookedShadow@CrystalBlunt

D –@Dahiladang@dakodadharma@DamarisCisneros@DarciAragon@Defy24601@DonnaSearles@DreaG1518@drummergirl691

E –@electra12@Elena166@EliseB@Ercurrent@ErricaSmith@Eswee@exogot7bts

F –@FridaOsorio@frisky199123

G –@Gaarita100@GeetanjaliRao@Gianlica@GossamoKewen95

H –@HyunnieKim

I –@igotswag@ILikeHisFace123@imiebegay14@InnocentiaKishi@IsoldaPazo@ItatiSanchez@Izab3lla

J –@JahHndz@JamiMilsap@janellym123@JasmineWilliams@JayRaider@JennieKarlsson@JessicaEvaristo@JincyAbraham@Justis

K –@Kaisooisreal@kanatm@KarenGuerra93@KenyaMendoza@kfeind7@KhouYang@KierstinAndrews@Kieuseru@kpopandkimchi@kpopis100@KpopLover4Ever@KpopQueen1@kookieandjin@KoreanDramaMaMa@KyariTsukishima

L –@LaughySapphy@LindseyDelRio@LizaNightshade@LlamaBaozi577@Lolipop125@LtheKid8@LunaCordero

M –@MadAndrea@MaggieHolm@megancurrent9@MiChanLuvKpop@MikoDamico@MikylaSena@MindyLee3@MinjiPanda@MischiefK1ng@Miyukichan@monicacerroblan@MRich@mrsyookihyun@MsLoyalHeart@mszmarclyne93

N –@NadineEsquivel@najalong1998@nancyMnguyen@NEOisRealo@nerdykeira

O –@OppasManBun@otakukpopgirl

P –@P1B2abear@ParkHaru@PatriciaBecrra@PolarStarr@punkpandabear

Q –@QueenPandaBunny

R –@RachelHill@Rachelwoo2@RaquelArredondo@resavalencia@Rockja

S –@7mnsaaa94@sanazsanaz@sarahdarwish@saraortiz2002@SarangRavi@sarsoosoo99@sculptedintoart@SerenaArthurs@SerenaTJ@Shadyllamas@shellyfuentes70@ShequilleArmsby@SHINeeIngGirl@ShinoYuki@SierraBecerra@sierrakuper@sojournerdiji@sordidgame@sosoaloraine23@SugaMint@SugaOnTop@sugasweetness@SummerFranz@Sunnydaebak@SusiBosshammer@swarrier16@SyumbiUchiha

T –@TaliaMay14@taylorthetwist@tayunnie@TesneemElAlami@Ticasensei@tinathellama@Tipmon@TKOtaku@torchix

U –@UnicornSuga

V –@vdavanzo87@VeronicaArtino@vivi1353@Vkookie47

W –@WendyNegrete@WolfLune

X –@Xoxojessica12

Y –@yeniyx23@YeseniaF@YviLole15

Z –@Zyxzj@zzzdonk

(Credit to owners of gifs!)

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