Betrayal Ch.5

Who: Reader x ot12 What: Thriller, suspense, Smut is involved.

Warning: 18+ is advised.

Story: You were a family until one wrong move brought paranoia into the mind of your boss. It's up to you to keep the gang together but with new challenges arising on the horizon it's possible there's no one that can be trusted.PrologueChapter oneChapter TwoChapter ThreeChapter Four

Jongin's POVsheifY/N's POVMr. Sunshine: Team A has gone to sweep the warehouse for bugs.Yifan was possessive.nowJaebeom-ah!Park Jaebeom,JB's POV

Happy New Year Loves! Hope you partied well and drank responsibly (if you're old enough to drink) Thanks for reading I hope enjoyed.~ BabydollbreSunshine Squad:Taglist:

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