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Hey Fam!

So this first quarter of 2017, @CrookedShadow was awesome enough to let me be a part of this amazing team of individuals to help spread the love of CNBlue!

So, I will be covering Jungshin and Jonghyun on Thursdays and this first week, I will be helping introduce them all to you along with my team!


If you would like to be tagged to just my specific day (Double J List) or the whole taglist (The Outcasts) let me know in the comments below so I can make sure to add you!

But first, I thought that you guys might want to know a little about me before we begin the quarter! XD

1. I am Chanyeol trash (he ruined my life and I didn't stop him)

2. I love too many bands to list - major multifandomer

3. I have been listening to kpop for about 7 years now (I am in too deep lol)

4. Super Junior brought me in, EXO made me stay against my will I might add

5. BlackPink, Mamamoo, and Red Velvet are my favorite girl groups

6. I am Hispanic even though I look white as chalk lmao

7. I love video games (WoW, Sims 4, Resident Evil, Call of Duty, and tons of others~)

8. I watch a bunch of t.v - Korean and American (Game of Thrones and She Was Pretty are two of my all-time favs!)

9. And I am hardworking and determined so be prepared to be SLAMMED with my craziness! XD


That's about it!!

If you have any more questions for me or suggestions for ideas, feel free to message me as this is my first quarter as a supporter and I have no idea what I am doing LOL

Thanks Fam and I will see you on Thursday! XD

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The Outcasts

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Savage Thunder Mafia:


Other Fam:


Tagging the randoms~:

A –@AlexisCortez@AlisonMandia@ALittleJoy@AllieStinnett@AlyssaGelet818@AmandaOwnbey@AmberRelynn@amullins2007@AnalisaWesson@Annaharris1989@AnnieGoodman@AraceliJimenez@ArtCrazy@AuraKyoshiro@axsmom

B –@BAbrajan1@bbyitskatie@BereniceMaqueda@blackirishawk@BlackRabbit21

C –@CarenBoykins@casiegarza0330@catchyacrayon@cenasgirl101@cennajp@ChauncyVSutton@ChelestiEdwards@clandrea170@CloverShadows@CrookedShadow@CrystalBlunt

D –@Dahiladang@dakodadharma@DamarisCisneros@DarciAragon@Defy24601@DonnaSearles@DreaG1518@drummergirl691

E –@electra12@Elena166@EliseB@Ercurrent@ErricaSmith@Eswee@exogot7bts

F –@FridaOsorio@frisky199123

G –@Gaarita100@GeetanjaliRao@Gianlica@GossamoKewen95

H –@HyunnieKim

I –@igotswag@ILikeHisFace123@imiebegay14@InnocentiaKishi@IsoldaPazo@ItatiSanchez@Izab3lla

J –@JahHndz@JamiMilsap@janellym123@JasmineWilliams@JayRaider@JennieKarlsson@JessicaEvaristo@JincyAbraham@Justis

K –@Kaisooisreal@kanatm@KarenGuerra93@KenyaMendoza@kfeind7@KhouYang@KierstinAndrews@Kieuseru@kpopandkimchi@kpopis100@KpopLover4Ever@KpopQueen1@kookieandjin@KoreanDramaMaMa@KyariTsukishima

L –@LaughySapphy@LindseyDelRio@LizaNightshade@LlamaBaozi577@Lolipop125@LtheKid8@LunaCordero

M –@MadAndrea@MaggieHolm@megancurrent9@MiChanLuvKpop@MikoDamico@MikylaSena@MindyLee3@MinjiPanda@MischiefK1ng@Miyukichan@monicacerroblan@MRich@mrsyookihyun@MsLoyalHeart@mszmarclyne93

N –@NadineEsquivel@najalong1998@nancyMnguyen@NEOisRealo@nerdykeira

O –@OppasManBun@otakukpopgirl

P –@P1B2abear@ParkHaru@PatriciaBecrra@PolarStarr@punkpandabear

Q –@QueenPandaBunny

R –@RachelHill@Rachelwoo2@RaquelArredondo@resavalencia@Rockja

S –@7mnsaaa94@sanazsanaz@sarahdarwish@saraortiz2002@SarangRavi@sarsoosoo99@sculptedintoart@SerenaArthurs@SerenaTJ@Shadyllamas@shellyfuentes70@ShequilleArmsby@SHINeeIngGirl@ShinoYuki@SierraBecerra@sierrakuper@sojournerdiji@sordidgame@sosoaloraine23@SugaMint@SugaOnTop@sugasweetness@SummerFranz@Sunnydaebak@SusiBosshammer@swarrier16@SyumbiUchiha

T –@TaliaMay14@taylorthetwist@tayunnie@TesneemElAlami@Ticasensei@tinathellama@Tipmon@TKOtaku@torchix

U –@UnicornSuga

V –@vdavanzo87@VeronicaArtino@vivi1353@Vkookie47

W –@WendyNegrete@WolfLune

X –@Xoxojessica12

Y –@yeniyx23@YeseniaF@YviLole15

Z –@Zyxzj@zzzdonk

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