I Think I'm Leaving Vingle...

Hello everyone,

I started here as@AnnahiZaragoza over a year ago and now I am@MonAnnahiX. I have decided to delete my Vingle App starting this beginning year (1/1/17) and will be going on hatius starting tomorrow. Most likely I won't be getting on for a couple months and probably won't be making cards at all anymore.


After a lot of thinking I have decided to keep my account and not delete it because I have so many cards/collections I would like to go back and visit in the future. Mainly, I'm making this card to inform those that tag me on their cards, those that follow any of my collections, and my Monbebe Tag List (Monsta X Community) because it's the one I'm most active on. But please do not worry. I will keep on supporting Monsta X and other groups as much as I do on here.

I have made a side blog on Tumblr in which I will be more active on. Due to that it's more convenient and less time consuming for me to just LIKE and REBLOG stuff on my page. Maybe in the far future I will make Tumblr posts of my own (gif/edits).


My side blog will be 99% of Monsta X (latest news/dose/and more) but there will be small amount of times I will post other groups, kdramas, or anything else Korean. Please do feel free to follow me on Tumblr!! My Tumblr is monstax-mbb . You can message me or ask me anything on there and I will try to reply as soon as possible. So go party with me on Tumblr with the crazy Monsta X gang. lol

Thank you to all the people I have randomly met on here~ ♡ I honestly appreciate and I am grateful for all the fangirling and deep talks on here!


This is not a good bye, but a see you later~ ♡


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