EXO "Planet" game

Ok guys. So I'm writing this fic, but I decided to make up a game as to give you guys a sneak peak of it. So, just a quick spoiler of it is that each of the members is from a different planet depending on their powers. Like Chanyeol is from one planet, Kai is from another planet, and so on and so forth. Now, what I'm going to have you guys do is pick a door and a planet that goes with that door. I'm not telling you which planet belongs to which member XD On the next card, I will reveal what each planet is called and which member belongs to whatever planet. So choose wisely on which planet you want to be apart of. Hope you guys have fun!

Door # 1

Door # 2

Door # 3

Door # 4

Door # 5

Door # 6

Door # 7

Door # 8

Door # 9

Door # 10

Door # 11

Door # 12

So, which planet do you choose? You can only choose one. I'll give this a couple days, and then I'll post the 'answer' card up with the reveal of what each planet is called, which member belongs to what, and then other stuff. If you would liked to be tagged for this, be sure to say so in the comments section. Also, keep in mind this is a part of a story I'm trying to work on. So hopefully, I'll have a good idea of where to start by next week.

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