★TOP Community★ Guildlines x Rules

I know...no one want to get "control" but there are still some rules x guildlines should be follow and point out from time to time, to make sure we are all "under control"


I believe all the TOPgirls x boys here are very "responsible"!! these rules might not even be needed!!


But as a "responsible" MOD Myself and since this is my first work of the New Year for the New Quarter!!!! I should start things "right"


First rules is:

Please have FUN!!! and appreciate others "passion & works"!! no fan fights, no bullying!!! no violence of any kind!!! I usually don't bites but please don't make me!


2nd Rule is:

Watch where you post!!! Please make sure when you post a card in TOP community that it at least TOP related!!

Any card is "not" will be warned and remove from Community page!!!

3rd rule is:

Mature Content!!

Last rule is:



Be Happy have Fun for the New Year 2017!!!

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.....Na Not Today.... Don't Wake Me UP...Upppp...UuPP
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