Kun Mondays!

Hello my darlings! It's Monday(ish) and you know what that means in the NCT Community! It's KUN MONDAY! I'm sorry this card is being posted late, I had an audio drama recording session today during the day, so here we are!

I figured, for my first Kun Monday, I'd share a little bit about our dear boy! - Kun's full name is Qian Kun. - He was born on January first, 1996. - He was born in Fujian, China - He will be debuting as part of the first Chinese NCT Sub-unit. - His blood type is B. People with B blood type are considered outgoing and friendly, but naturally so, they simply "feel" people and their emotions, basing their actions on body language, and can be flexible about reaction to people based on their disposition. People with B bloody type are said to rely on their intuition, and are often considered flirty. - He plays piano, and he attended the Beijing Contemporary Music Institute. - He enjoys composing songs. - He really wants to be like his sunbae, Baekhyun (of EXO). - His favorite artists at SM are All of them, but he mentioned Kyuhyun, Baekhyun, Chen, and D.O. specifically) - He really wants the opportunity to perform with Chen (of EXO). - Before being signed to SM, he auditioned and made it to the top ten in a competition in China called Little Tigers 2.0 (the show was to help create a second group, after the successful creation of the group Little Tigers). He made it to the top ten of the show, before quitting to focus on school. - He sang with NCT U, on their debut stage in China in the song "Without You" - He enjoys listening to music when alone. More info on our dear Kun at a later date, I don't want this to become too wordy

This is a great video (with ENG subtitles) that features Kun teaching Hansol Chinese.


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