Please Stay With Me Pt 14

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"Your mom is stable now." The doctor said and I started crying tears of joy. "I'm so glad." "We just need to wait for her to wake up." He said "How long will that take?" I asked "It depends on the person. It could be an hour or a few days." "So is she in a coma?" I asked after hearing his answer. "No, but everyone reacts to the sleeping meds differently. You can go see her now." He added. He didn't need to tell me twice I went to her side. I sat next to her bed and held her hand. I hoped she would wake up sooner rather than later. I don't remember when but I fell asleep and I only woke up to the voice of my mom. I slowly sat up and looked at her. "Mom." I said and hugged her. "What are you doing back sweetie?" She asked "How can you ask that? Why didn't you tell me about your condition?" I asked "If I told you, you wouldn't have gone to Korea." "Exactly! Mom you are more important than visiting a different country." "Sweetie, you have never left the country and I wanted you to experience that." She rubbed my head. "Mom, I can't lose you." I started getting teary eyed. "Some day I'll have to leave, and you'll need to live on your own." "Well we have a while before that happens." "Yeah." The tone in her voice made me question her answer. Was she hiding something from me? "So How was Korea?" She asked changing the subject. "It was great!" I started smiling just thinking of all that had happened. "Did you meet someone?" She asked with a smile on her face. "Yes." I bit my lip trying to contain my smile. "Oh is he cute?" She asked and I laughed through my nose. "Very handsome." "Do you have a picture of him?" "I do. But pictures of him are easy to find." "Why do you say that?" I wondered how she would react to my news. "He's famous." is all I said and held up a photo of him I took. "Did he know you were taking the picture?" She asked. "No, but he caught me and smiled." I showed her the pictures I had taken. "He is very Handsome." She said with a smile as my phone vibrated in my hand. "Oh look he is calling you." She smiled. To be more precise he was video calling me. I answered. "Hello." I said fixing my hair a bit "Hi, you're still wearing the outfit you left in?" He asked "Yeah haven't had time to change yet." "Babe you did have time, you just were to worried. By the way you look I'm betting your mom is fine now?" He asked and I smiled and turned the phone so he coukd see her. "Yes young man I am fine." She smiled and answered. "Oh Hello maam. My name is Jungkook." He said "Nice to meet you. You are very handsome." This made me laugh. "Thank you." He said and I turned the phone back to me. "Are you about to go to bed?" I asked seeing it was dark on his side. "Yeah but I coukdnt sleep without knowing how everything was." "Aww you are so sweet. Everything is good now. So go to bed and text me when you get up." "Ok good night babe." He said and blew me a kiss. I smiled and blew one back to him. Then we hung up. "I take it you two are dating?" my mom said with a smile on her lips. "Yes, it hasn't been that long but we met the day after we got there. Megan's dating one of his members and is going to permanently live there." "Wow. Megan sure has changed." "Yeah, she said she was hoping to find a good reason to stay there and not come back. She found that alright." I laughed "Do you want to stay there?" my mom asked "I would be lying if I said I wanted to. Jungkook even asked if you would move there too." "Why?" "He knows we are all that we have left. He loves me but won't ask me to leave you." "That's sweet of him." "mhm" I nodded we talked a bit more than I took a nap on the couch in the room. I was worn out and needed to regain my strength. I didn't stay asleep long, a machine was beeping loudly and then there were lots of voices. I opened my eyes to see that beeping noise was my mom flatlining.

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