Mamamoo Squad and schedules!

Hello lovely people! I hope you all had a good day today! I apologize that this card has not been made yet before, but it is here! I have been given the honor to mod for the beautiful Mamamoo kpop group! Please love these girls! they're so great! This card will be introducing the people that have agreed to support and pass the love of these wonderful girls! It will also introduce the schedules they are going to be following.

If you would like to be tagged in our list, please go herexxor comment below!

Representing Solar on Mondays is none other than our manly, @JiyongLeo

On Tuesdays the loveable @Destiny1419 will be representing the group as a whole!

Representing Wheein on Wednesdays will be the beautiful @IsoldaPazo

Hwasa will be represented by the awesome @SatinSkies on Thursdays!

Moonbyul will be represented by none other than myself on Fridays!

I am very pleased and happy to have these wonderful humans by my side! Thank you guys, so much for joining me on this quest and for this quarter!

»❂Mamamoo Squad▶❂Moomoo Taglist!

❂MAMAMOO MODERATOR❂ ↪My name is Jaerin (duh). ↪I've been into Kpop since I was 13 (four years ago). ↪I'm currently 17 years old. ↪Best friend is @Bangtanss (She stole my name. Jerk!) ↪I have a wattpad account. Please follow me! @Bangtanss- ✴ PS. I'm a little bit of a bitch, but I'm a queen. ✴
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