Madtown Introduction!


Yes, this is the same intro as the intro I did in the Astro Card πŸ˜…

Concerts I've gone to:CONCERTS I WILL BE ATTENDING:[THANK YOU ISOLDA!!!!!!!]Snapchat

For Madtown, I will be representing these two gentleman πŸ’•

Heojun & H.O

Real name: Heojun Stage Name: Heojun Birthday: November 16, 1994 Hometown: seoul, gyeonggi Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Position: Vocalist Specialty: piano, dance Height: 183 cm Weight: 70 kg

Real Name: name: Song Jae Ho Stage Name: H.O Birthday: June 18, 1995 Hometown: yangsan, gyeongnam Zodiac Sign: Gemini Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae Specialty: dance, guitar Height: 181 cm Weight: 68 kg

Just a small simple intro for this week πŸ’•

*Just for this week, I'll tag y'all on the Madtown card*

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