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SO BEAST! 안녕하세요, 비스트 모드 스쿼드 입니다! (SO BEAST! Hello, we are BEAST Mod Squad!) Hello Everyone!! I've been on Vingle for a while now, but I'm new at making cards and being a support. With that in mind, please bear with me.

I will be representing my baby

Lee KiKwang

on Tuesdays.

My names Kenya, and I'm 21. I have 4 dogs and they're all girls (^_^メ) My ultimate bias group is Beast. I'm gonna be supporting Beast and Boyfriend. (Bear with me.) I've been into KPOP since some time in 2012. My ultimate bias is my baby Lee KiKwang, and no one can knock him out of that place, trust me they've tried ʕ•ٹ•ʔ I got into KPOP after listening to an English cover of wedding dress by J. Reyez and Tommy C, originally the song is from Taeyang. From there, I found Big Bang and other groups. Ended up being in love with Beast, now i can't get out and I don't mind٩(♡ε♡ )۶


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