Teen Top Community Guidelines

So just a few rules to cover in the teen top community. :]

Please be sure to follow them as they aren't very hard lol

Rule 1:

As always be kind to others

Respect other fans

Respect the group

Respect the community

We want love not hate :)

Rule 2:

Any mature content written involving Teen Top MUST have a warning

No exceptions

If the content is 17+ or you think, "Hmm, would i want my 13 year old sibling reading this" then it probably needs a warning label.

I read all stories that come through the Teen Top community so please be sure you tag and label the story accordingly.


Rule 3:

Irrelevant cards will be removed from the Teen Top Community

Please be sure that if you post in the Teen Top community it is at least 50% Teen Top

We encourage everyone to post in the community but please be mindful of how much is Teen Top related :)

But even with the guidelines


Let's have fun together and enjoy Teen Top together


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