Master's Sun Extra Ep. 17 Clear up...

So according to the Master's Sun Facebook page they have confirm that episode 17 is in fact an extra show and that it will not be about BTS and NGs instead it's going to be an actual episode, so hopefully with this news it's going to help cheer you guys because that means now we have two episodes left until the end of Master's the way the pic I use was the scene where he was keeping track of how many times she told him to get lost, such a hilarious thing! Well I certainly can't wait for next week to see the show, but at the same time it's sad that it is ending already! T-T But there are some new dramas that seem pretty interesting, for example the new drama call Secret sounds interesting so if you guys want I can start making cards for that drama too. Peace :)

ELLO! I'm a huge k-drama/k-pop addict, hahaha. If you guys like you can follow me on twitter or tumblr! ^.^ Peace <3
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