I Support Jung Yonghwa

i loved this article ... thought I'd share it ... ************************** This is overdue but I’m going to write it anyway. I don’t mind people saying that Jung Yonghwa is a limited actor. I wouldn’t mind reading articles discussing his merits as an actor and suggesting how he can improve his skills. As a fan, I’m not denying that he still has a way to go before he gets recognition as a good actor. Looking at his progress objectively, I can honestly say I think he tried hard and I feel that he has improved. But you will argue that trying hard doesn’t mean that he is a good actor and that people can’t use hard work as a mark of a good actor. You will argue that if he has no talent in acting, then he should just stick to singing and writing music. But, I will argue that people should be given chances. God knows that all the actors and actresses that you admire and revere are where they are today because somebody gave them a chance, or several chances. I love Jung Yonghwa for his optimism and his positive attitude. I love how he keeps trying. If he’s going to be labelled an idol and assuming people know the meaning of idol, then I can’t think of a better example of an idol for people to look up to than Jung Yonghwa. Hard-working, go-getter, positive, optimistic. Don’t you think he doesn’t know what people are saying about him? It would probably hurt but he’s out there anyway, challenging himself. And I applaud that. Rather than saying that I support the actor, Jung Yonghwa, I want to say that I support the person that is Jung Yonghwa. If you’re going to critique a person’s abilities, do it with some finesse. A good critic will point out a flaw AND also suggest ways to improve. Calling a person a Still Life, a Clothes Hanger, a Totem Pole, I think that it is mean-spirited and totally uncalled for. If you’re all about calling a spade, a spade, then I’m going to call a troll, a Troll. I don’t think this post is going anywhere near its intended readers and even if it does, it will probably be scoffed at as words of a protective fangirl. But I know who I am and I believe in what I see. And heck care what YOU think. Gosh, it feels so good to rant.

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