Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'm so happy to announce that I'm Boyfriend mod support!! I will be representing the absolutely stunning Donghyun! I cannot wait to bring Boyfriend love to you all! Thank you@OmoKpopLuv for giving me this opportunity!

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– Shares a room with Minwoo & Hyunseong – Claims to be the one who eats the least in the group – Admits to being a troublemaker and a very curious person – Has the most interest in fashion compared to the other members – Likes to give advice to his members, and scolds them when necessary because he wants them to do their best – Prefers to think first before doing something, yet is often forgetful – His childhood dream was to one day become a famous pianist – Believes himself to b the funniest member in the group – Donghyun’s ideal type: “Because I’m a person who is careful with his actions, I prefer lively girls who smile a lot.”

Now I'll introduce myself! My name is Aster, most people on Vingle know me as Jiji so please use either of those! I'm genderfluid and currently male so check my bio on here for any changes with that I'm 19 and a college freshman I'm trash for so many groups I'm VIXX mod and mod support for multiple groups so watch out for me! I actually bias the twins in Boyfriend but that is slowly changing because of Donghyun! Thats all guys!

I'm just walking garbage at this point
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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