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Heyo! Coming back at you with another intro! This time for KNK! What what! Thank you sunshine@IsoldaPazo for letting me support not only KNK but also... my KNK bias. You are the sweetest thing around <3

That's right my bias is the Cherry Blossom Tree Inseong


I will be posting all kinds of adorable Inseongness every Wednesday so please look forward to it!

Also a quick note about me: -Teen Top Mod -Has the best jokes in town -Sour candies are life -Spring is my favorite season (i love that time of when winter is turning into spring)

Keep an eye out for our lovely Inseong every Wednesday!

Please look forward to lots of awesome KNK stuff from all of us and show KNK lots of love!

**If you would like to be tagged or untagged or whatnot click link below** 고마워요!!

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