High4 Official guidelines.

Hello everybody! I'm here to explain the rule and guidelines for the high4 community and also base on vingle rules and guidelines. okay, okay then

Okay so Rules are quite simple actually especially if you follow them and respect them and such. so be sure to follow them other wise penalties well be added and done. okay so let me start by explain some

No bullying

I absolutely Hate seeing bullying happening so I well not hesitate to report those who bully other people.

judging/discriminating against other beliefs and prefers

pretty much self explanatory there but just be more specific. don't judge or discrimination other people. by that I mean gender wise and likeable(LGBT) and belief. we are all human and we should treat each other equally.


honestly I totally fine with smut and adult content but because there many be younger viewer it's best to keep all smut in the Fanfic community. unless its not so detailed and its semi smut then go for it post it but make sure to have a warning label on the card that is noticeable and involve high4.


cards must have something to do with High4,

I don't mean like just one picture of high4 and the rest another group. NO!

I mean it has to have move then just 3 or 6 pictures and meme other wise I will remove your card no question ask.

so let's all have fun and respectfull of each other and if you feel like you are being trolled or you see something wrong within the community don't hesitate to messages me or any of the support and we'll deal with it right away. have fun and lots spread our love for our 4 boys in high4!

Also Follow the instructions an vingle rules and everything will runs smoothly so make sure you review the rules and follow them correctly thank you. so please check out vingle guideline. https://www.vingle.net/posts/197274?asrc=copylink

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