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I realized that I have about 3 or 4 groups that I have not introduced myself or given any feedback... so I decided instead of spamming you all with cards, why not just compile them into a single card? I don't know if that's allowed, but oh well. Heheh I will introduce myself and the groups I'm modding/helping with along with my posting schedule.

First off, I would like to say that I don't necessarily like my name, and I often go by RM (My initials). I have an obsession with Lang Leav poems, heheh. (photo) I have been into kpop for about 3 or 4 years now, and I have three groups that I listened to when I first got into it. They were; BTOB, WINNER, BTS. I still listen to all three of these groups and they're very great. However, I also really like Mamamoo, F(X), and Sistar. These girls are awesome! I am the Fan Fiction Moderator, and I am support modding/ helping out with the following. [Those that have links, have my intro] —BTOB —BTS —GOT7 —TOPP DOGG —WINNER


BTOB}} In BTOB, I will be representing the wonderful maknae, Yook Sungjae! This man will be posted on Sundays!

GOT7}} In GOT7, I will be representing the sassy Youngjae! I will be posting about him every Thursday!

(If you would like to be added to my got7 taglist, please let me know!)

TOPP DOGG}} In TOPP DOGG, I will be representing the Dragon Kingdom! This consists of members; PGoon and Sangdo! I will be posting for them on Fridays!

This was a lot easier... hahah. If you would like to be tagged in any of these, please let me know!

MELODY MOD SQUAD:@LemonLassie@AimeeH@StephanieDuong@IsoldaPazo@MandyNoona@Bangtanss@Helixx@MelissaGarza BTOB COMMUNITY TAGLIST:@XergaB20@ElenaP16@GriseldaZenger@YessicaCardenas@DominiqueWhitak@Ercurrent@KwonOfAKind@sarahdarwish@LocoForJiyong@unnieARMkeY@amberg171997@firstladyofaomg@merryjayne13@MarrickeJ33@karinamiranda81@punkpandabear@xoxorittie@JustinaNguyen@AaliyahNewbell@ChristineO84@ibMIMI@Mikim000@Starbell808@AlyssaGelet818@Astrohelix@dallasyamane@petname83@VeronicaArtino@YviLole15@JaxomB@CrystalGuerra@toitlepark@lhiranthom13@JamiMilsap@Elistacy87@Beckah1327@KellyOConnor@JessWang90@axosrain@MahelySandoval@Vay754@elainarenea@AdiaJasinski@QueenLele@HayleyEastman@Dianaedith@BrennaHarding@firstladyofaomg@EvilGenius@KatieShiminski@kpoplifeu@Lexxcisco@AngelaDarkness@JiyongLeo@twistedlove@SassyMaknae@BiasKpop@swarrier16@GamingAirbender@MaritessSison@ibMIMI@nunikal7@CrookedShadow@KenyaMendoza@StefaniTre@OppasManBun@Lexxcisco@MattK95@TerraToyaSi@XxGummybear92xX@Viresse@B0RNHATER@nmeza29@kristendmh@roseeoh@NurAfiqahAswadi

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