When Jak Met Jiyong Part 4


The phone rang late that night and seeing her agent’s number Jak sleepily picked it up.


“Jak, I understand the photo shoot went very well today.”

“Um, I guess. The pictures seemed to look pretty good, have they shown them to you?”

“A few digitals were sent over by PeaceMinusOne . I have to say I agree with them, these are some of your best work, I’ve never seen you more relaxed and yourself at a shoot.”

“Relaxed? Taking pictures with GDragon is not relaxing. He made it so hard to stay professional; it was like he was testing me.”

Laughter is heard on the other side, “So I’ve heard from other models, yet none of them have complained except you. Are you’re telling me working with him was torture?”

“Yes. An indescribable torture that I won’t explain. Is that what you called me for?”

“No, I called because we have a meeting with them in the morning around 11 to finalize the shots.”

“Finalize shots? They need to take more pictures? You just said they loved them.”

“No, no, no, they DO love them, they just want your input on which final prints they use.”

“My input? Since when? My job is to get my picture taken; I’m no good at decisions. I’m sure they can do it without me.”

“This is a personal request from Jiyong, I’m to pick you up myself if you argue about showing up.”

“Seriously? Man, he is so weird.”

“Weird or not, he is currently paying you and I’s bills so we will do what he asks. I’ll pick you up around 10:30.”

“Good Morning,” the photographer rises to greet Jak and her agent. He sweeps Jak’s hand up for a kiss and bows. Jak wasn’t sure how to react, so she smiles and nods, trying to free her hand. On the other side of the table Jiyong stands watching but makes no move to come forward.

Jak eyes him suspiciously but doesn’t say anything, simply nods to him and takes a seat. A mischievous smirk plays across his lips as he nods back, shakes her agents hand and resumes his seat.

There is a selection of about 10 photos that they are deciding between. Even though Jak doesn’t like looking at pictures of herself; she had to admit that a couple of them were damn hot. If she hadn’t been the redhead in the photo she would have wanted to be. Heck, she was and she still wanted to be, it was a really weird feeling.

Jiyong keeps his fingers one of the pictures; the casual one with the bag of chips. Jak watches him, than raises her eyebrow in speculation; looking up at him for the first time since sitting down. He is staring straight at her as he twirls the picture on the table.

He moves it forward to the center, “I want this one as the main ad for the campaign. We can fill in with others but this is the focus."

Jak just shrugs, “I don’t care, it looks fine to me. It’s your business ad, I’m not sure why I’m here anyway.”

Jiyong simply smiles and requests approval from the other two at the table.

“It’s settled than. I suggest we all go out to lunch to celebrate what will be a great campaign.”

Jak’s eyes narrow at him but she leaves it to the others to decide. Both the photographer and her agent decline and excuse themselves for other meetings.

Jiyong sits back, relaxed, and waiting for Jak to respond.

“Is this why I’m here? I kicked you out of my apartment so you hatched a plan to get me to lunch? I’m not self absorbed so tell me I’m wrong.”

He smiles fully, “You’re not wrong. It was the only way I could get you to give me a chance.” He leans forward on the table, “Say yes. I promise I won’t bite… well, not this early on anyway.”

Jak’s eyes flash in amusement at his forthrightness and she starts to laugh.

“See, we would get along great. Say you’ll come, you can pick the place.”

She sighs and grins, “Fine. Anywhere?”

“Anywhere," he agrees than thinks about it. "Should I be nervous?”

She shrugs, “That depends, how do you feel about dogs?”

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