DAY6 is a JYP band that debuted in Sep. 2015. I love DAY6! Their debut was great and I love "Letting Go" which was their comeback that came out in May of 2016. It's my favorite DAY6 song, it makes me want to tear up listening to it every time. You can feel their emotions in that song.This time they came back today with a rock-feel kind of song. It's techno mixed with rock.


The comeback song is titled "I Wait". It starts off with a techno feel but when it hits the chorus it turns into rock and it's beautiful. DAY6 has some talented vocals and they did amazing! I never really had a DAY6 bias until I realized after watching "Letting Go" so much and watching this comeback. Young K. has become my DAY6 bias. It's happened. I love when he raps and his voice is so beautiful. For awhile I thought I might bias Jae but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I was connecting with Young K. and it just happened. This song is amazing and the mv is so pleasing to the eye with visually beautiful scenery. It's a fun mv and I think this song will bring in more DAY6 stans. It will help them get more recognition and I can't wait to see them become more popular!

What are your thoughts on the DAY6 comeback? Do you enjoy DAY6's music? Let Me Know Down Below! ^.^~


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