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First post of the New Year well, official Takuya post. I've seen a lot of cards labeled New Years Wishes so this is what this card is.

A little info about the Prince of Cross Gene, he's not considered a prince by the group or anything I just call him that because he looks like a prince who just walked out of a manga.

Native name 寺田拓哉

Birth name Terada Takuya

Born March 18, 1992


Origin Moriya, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan


Actor Singer Model


Guitar Piano

Years active 2011–present

Labels Amuse, Inc.


He's Japanese but his Korean is so good I honestly thought he was Korean when I first found him in the drama "The Lover" Check it out it's cute and trust me you'll fall for him quickly, just like I did.

He started in Japan as an actor/model, then debuted as a singer with Cross Gene, so he debuted in Japan twice. He was the leader of Cross Gene, but gave it up and now our wonderful Shin kitty is the leader and honestly I think the job fits him better than Takuya, but Takuya does take over most of the Japanese responsibilities with Shin.

Now I screamed like crazy when I heard he was going to be in the Noah's Ark Circus Musical. I Love LOVE LOVE Black Butler and the musicals I've seen them on via youtube, which can't be found anymore :( just the songs. I need to buy the DVD's asap that's my birthday gift to myself this year buying the DVD's. I can't wait to see the Circus ark it looks amazing just by this video..yeah I'm going to fan girl so hard and scream.


I hope they stay healthy and happy and continue to work hard reaching their goals they've set for the year. I hope they make a Korean comeback damn just a comeback in general I miss them a lot.

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