Changmin & Yunho - Makeup Challenge

The bluish grey clouds hung in the sky, barely moving as they filled up with water, just waiting for the right time to drop its heavy contents. With the sunlight barely able to fight through the thick clouds, made the day feel cozy and comfortable yet lazy.

Sitting with Yunho and Changmin on the couch, you scrolled through your phone, trying to keep you occupied. Yunho placed an earphone in your ear while he played his music as you laid on Changmin’s shoulder. The three of you were best friends for years and just hanging out together was one of your favorite things to do.

“Ah look at this!” Changmin tapped the two of you to get your attention. Yunho and you both turned and looked at his phone as his phone buffered the video that he was going to show you.

“What is this?” Yunho asked as he pulled the phone closer to him so that he could see better.

“Boyfriends doing their girlfriends makeup!” Changmin giggled as you watched.

“Wow boys really don’t know how to put on makeup.” You giggled seeing them doing the makeup in all the wrong order and misusing the products.

“I bet we wouldn’t. This guy probably hasn’t put any on himself.” Yunho commented as he giggled a little.

“You think you guys could do better?” You challenged them through your giggling voice.

“I know we can!” Changmin paused the video and let the screen go dark.

“Who can you use to do your makeup on though?” You questioned looking between the two of them.

“Didn’t you say that the boyfriends did it on the girlfriends?” Yunho asked Changmin as he nodded in agreement. An evil smirk curled on both of their lips while you looked from Yunho and Changmin.

“Ummm… no. I am not going to be your model.” You said standing up and pushing your phone back into your pocket.

“Why not? Didn’t you just challenge us and we can’t do it on each other since we aren’t girls.” Yunho pointed out, turning around to see you go into the kitchen and put some dishes away.

“What if you guys mess up?” You turned around and folded your arms.

“It will wash off.” Changmin smiled kneeling on the couch facing you while his arms rested on the back of the couch.

“Isn’t it a waste of makeup though?” You asked them, knowing that you were loosing this battle.

“We will buy you more when you run out.” Yunho chimed in happily.

Getting quiet, you bit your lip and looked around trying to think of anything else that you could protest against.

“Fine.” You sighed letting your shoulders drop. “I’ll go get my makeup but on one condition.”

“What?” Changmin bounced on your couch with a smile beaming on his face.

“You guys have to record it so I can be sure that you actually did my makeup without any help from your phones or contacts that you call up.” You posed.

“Okay, no outside help and we will film it.” Yunho agreed, walking off to your bathroom, you grabbed your bag of makeup.

Bringing out a box of tissues too, you walked into the kitchen where the guys were setting up a camera, placing their phone on a tripod they made sure that you could see me and everything. Moving it to the right angle, Yunho was trying to plug the phone in just in case the phone got low on battery.

“Where did you want me?” You asked, catching their attention, both of the boys looked up at you with wide eyes.

“O-On the counter, p-please.” Yunho stuttered a little as Changmin tried to hide his smile.

Obeying orders, you jumped up on the counter and took off your top shirt revealing an old tank top underneath. Changmin moved the camera so that you were in view as

Yunho gulped hard when he saw that you took off your flowing shirt.

“W-W-Why did you take your shirt off?” Yunho stuttered again

“I don’t want to get makeup on that shirt, if you guys drop something on me.” You smile and look at both of them as your hands grip the edge of the counter.

“O-Okay we are all set.” Changmin started stuttering now as he pressed the record button and walked over to your makeup bag, dumping your makeup things all over the counter, he tried to organize them as you tied your hair back in a ponytail.

“Are you ready?” Yunho walked over to you as he bit his lips looking at you with your eyes closed.

“Mhmmm” You nodded your head and kept your eyes closed.

“What should we start with first?” Yunho asked Changmin as he looked through the plethora of products and brushes that laid on the counter.

“Try this one first.” Changmin handed him the little container, his words made you peep your eyes open before you took a deep breath putting your trust in them.

Getting the liquid stuff on his fingers Yunho, started with your cheeks and gently rubbed it all over your face, following your jawline up to your forehead and down your nose, his eyes moved over your beautiful face as he caught himself smiling at your simple beauty. With his part all done, he headed to the sink and washed his hands while Changmin chose what to put on next.

“Let’s see…” Changmin looked at your face before Yunho came over and chose some powder to put on you. Carefully choosing a soft large brush Changmin moved the brush around in the dust before going along your nose, forehead and cheeks, a little on your chin to finish before he just pushed the brush on your nose causing you to giggle a little.

Changmin and Yunho switched places again.

“I think we should do her lips next.” Yunho looked over at Changmin who looked for your lip gloss. Finding some that matched your pink lips. Changmin handed it to Yunho. Twisting off the cap, he pulled the wand out of the gloss and dotted it on yours lips.

“Smooth it out please.” Yunho asked you, smearing your lips together, you stopped as he added more and smoothed it a little more with his own fingers.

His soft fingers gently trembled against your lips, slowly moving his fingers over your lips was almost a dream come true, finding himself leaning in, his eyes just focused on every crevice and curve of your lips, his heart started beating faster and having a huge crush on you was eating him up inside. Pulling himself away, he screwed the cap back onto the lip gloss.

“I’ll do her eyes” Changmin happily chimed. Trading places again, he held the eye shadow next to your face.

“______ open your eyes please.” He cooed softly, wanting to get the color of your eyes in his choice of what colors to use. Opening your eyes slowly, you saw that he was a little close to you than you would have liked making you pull back a little but his hand gently held onto your shoulder and pulled you closer to him.

Changmin watched your eyes and saw what beautiful colors that were seen, like a gem with many different colors that formed an original masterpiece that could never be changed or duplicated.

You looked into his eyes, as they moved from your eyes to the makeup case beside your face. Then his eyes moved to yours, staying there a little longer as you felt your heart pick up from his soft eyes looking into yours.

“You can close your eyes now.” He says softly gently stroking your shoulder before he smiles and looks down. Opening the case of his choice, you closed your eyes and smiled but tried to have a straight face.

Changmin gently rubbed the small brush over the desired colors. Carefully rubbing the colors on your eye lid, humming softly he finished a while later getting the look that he was looking for.

“Alright, all done.” Changmin said letting out a deep breath before Yunho switched with him once more.

“Keep your eyes still, I am going to do some eyeliner and mascara.” Yunho told you while his non dominant hand gently rests on the side of your head, feeling the warmth of your hand, you tried hard to keep still and to try not to smile at his touch. Feeling the liquid being drawn on the edge of your eye, you held still not wanting to mess up. Moving to the other side he tried to make it just like the other side before he took out the mascara and put it on your lashes gently.

“Wow we did a good job.” Yunho says stepping back.

“What about some blush?” Changmin asked.

“She already has some on her cheeks. Yunho pokes them causing you to smile. Stepping away, he turned around and stood on one side of the camera.

Changmin stood in front of you and let down your hair from the ponytail. Running his fingers through your hair, you smiled at the sensation and then he stepped away standing on the other side of the camera.

”_______.“ Changmin started

"Open your eyes.” Yunho said as they both held up large mirrors.

Your reaction was priceless, when you saw yourself in the mirror, you didn’t think that it was you at first.

“I-Is that me?” You pointed to the mirrors.

“Yes, you’re pretty huh!” Yunho happily nodded as Changmin smiled brightly.

“I’m too pretty, you guys did a really good job. Better than what I do on myself.” You admitted softly.

“I like you without any makeup but this look is one of my favorites.” Changmin said softly.

Hoping down from the counter you walked up to Changmin first and wrapped him in a hug, he hugged you back and you stood on your toes and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you.” You said before you broke the hug and did the same to Yunho. Changmin stopped filming and you smiled standing in front of the two guys.

“I was wrong, you guys really do know your makeup stuff. Next time I go on a date I am calling you two to help me with my makeup.” You smilied, putting your makeup back in your bag, you headed back into your room to put it away.

“Maybe we should make her really scary next time.” Yunho remarked watching you leave.

“Yeah she is only going to date us.” Changmin jumped in place knowing that Yunho and him both had a really big crush on you.

“I’m better looking. she’ll date me” Yunho boasted.

“No!” Changmin called as they lunged at each other pushing each other to the ground and wresting each other. Coming out of your bedroom, you giggled seeing them act like young boys.

“Come on guys, let’s watch a movie.” You smiled kicking their sides gently to get their attention before you sat in the middle of the couch as they quickly joined you.

Ready to spend the rest of the day with you and a movie marathon.

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