Changmin - Are We There Yet?

Distant rumbling of thunder warned of a storm’s approach across the sky, the spinning of the wheels as the car glided across the paved two lane road, while the radio began to crackle every once and a while, yet the song tried to play through the disconnection.

Grey clouds began to get darker, as they all gathered in the sky making the night seem colder and darker then it already was. Changmin’s eyes rose to the clouds above while the dry lightning cracked across the sky, the rumbling of thunder began to get louder and closer to the shots of light that danced over head.

Turning his head to look at you in the passenger seat, fast asleep, curled up in your blanket while your head rested on your arm that was propped up against the window.

With your legs tucked under you and the blanket gently laying over your curves, he watched each rise and fall of your chest before turning his eyes back to the road.

A little smile came to his lips while he watched the dashed yellow lines in the middle of the road become solid while the white solid line on the edge of the road remain constant.

Wind outside of the car started to pick up, blowing the car trying to rid it from the road. Changmin held onto the wheel securely as a whine came from your mouth, changing positions slightly, you fell right back to sleep while he tried to keep the car on the road.

Pattering of rain hit the windshield, turning on the wipers he watched the clouds grow in masses, becoming darker with each passing minute and blotting out the moon with its dense color. Following the little two lane road in and out of small ghost towns, Changmin kept his eyes on the sky while pressing the acceleration pedal down more.

As the car gained speed, the storm soon followed, the car radio was crackling more than the words that could be heard. Turning off the static filled radio, he focused on the road ahead and getting you both home safely.

Rain drops hit the windshield harder and harder as the droplets increased in size. Sudden cracks of lightning filled the car with light as the storm still grew, with the wipers trying to clear the window for Changmin to see, he let his food gradually off of the accelerator and just let the car slow down, knowing that he couldn’t outrun the massive storm that was now overhead.

Pulling off into a small town, he rolled the car past several boarded up buildings, pain chipped off of the exteriors while the dead trees swayed letting out their loud groans as they rocked in the wind.

The lights shown down the lonely dirt road being the only lights in sight, he looked around trying to see if there was a better place. Yet the broken fences, boarded windows and doors told all. Most of the houses were half torn down causing an eerie feeling to grow in his gut.

Pulling off into the dirt shoulder, the lack of movement from the car woke you up from your sleep.

“Minnie?” You sat up while your eyes tried to focus. “Are we there yet?”

“Not yet” Changmin turned his head to look at you

“Why are we stopped then?” You asked as he put the car in park.

“The storm is getting too strong, I don’t want risk getting lost.” Changmin reasoned as he knew that they were already lost in a ghost town.

As the thunder rolled, more lightning cracked in the sky, your eyes looked around not to see a soul in sight. Buildings were around but they looked like they hadn’t been lived in for decades. Puddles grew on the weed and dirt caved road while the rain pounded on the car while the wind whistled through the cracks of the car’s hinges. Changmin turned the car off, wanting to wait out the horrid storm that now encased them.

“Changmin…. I’m scared” You whispered the last part as his eyes tore away from the storm outside to you. Opening his arms to you, you crawled over the center console and sat on his lap, your chest against his, while your head tucked under his chin.

“It’ll be okay, I promise.” His hands gently rested on your back, grabbing the blanket he draped it over your back, knowing that the rain would only make the car colder. Rubbing your back softly, the lightning stuck once more, with the thunder accompanying the flash of light.

Gripping his shirt tighter, you pressed yourself closer to him, hearing his heartbeat was the only thing trying to keep you calm. Placing his hand over your ear, he tried to silence the storm outside, resting his head on yours, he just held you close.

Hours passed as the two of you stayed in each others arms. The clouds hardly moved as Changmin didn’t know how much more he could than to wait. Looking out the slightly foggy windows of the car, a flash of lightning caught the houses flaws as he saw a person standing in the middle of the road reaching out for him.

The woman’s fair skin was almost translucent as she hovered above ground, but before his mind could process what was happening she vanished in the next lightning strike.

Holding onto you tighter, he locked the car and held you tightly. With your ear still pressed against his chest, you heard his heart beat faster as his grip tightened on you, knowing that he was getting scared too, you held him tighter.

“I’m really scared” You whispered with a crackling voice, a silent tear slid from your eyes if you wondered if this was the end.

“I’ll get us out of this.” He rubs your back gently, feeling him move beneath you, you heard the car engine try and start, the lull of the engine trying to start held onto the air

for a while before you knew that he would have to try and start the car again.

Turning the key again, the car tried to start but you slammed your eyes closed knowing that you weren’t going to get out of here if the battery was dead. Placing a soft kiss on your head, Changmin wished in his heart that the car would start.

With the third try, the car revved its engine as the lights before them shined in the eyes of distant creatures lurching in the bushes. Getting the car into gear, Changmin retraced his tracks as the rain rolled off the hood of the car.

The whistling wind still howled outside of the car, as the rain didn’t let up but Changmin pressed on, getting back on the paved two lane highway, he followed the road as you started to relax, the feeling of something watching you soon faded as you looked up at him.

One of his hands was securely on the wheel as the other one wrapped around you.

“We’ll be home soon.” He told you glancing in your eyes quickly before he returned his eyes to the road. Rain still beat against the car but Changmin persisted on making it home tonight, nodding your head, you placed it back on his chest as the miles wore on through the night.

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