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Narrator's P.O.V:

Jimin was pulled into Yoongi's room and as soon as the door was shut, he instantly melted. He knew he couldn't let Yoongi to this. Jimin couldn't allow him to make this mistake, but he could barely see reason as Yoongi's scent was all he could breathe. He always avoided Yoongi's room like the plague, knowing that everything and anything about him drove Jimin crazy.

"Yoongi please don't do this-"

"Why?" Yoongi practically growled in Jimin's face. Pushing Jimin against the door, Yoongi's lips lingered just above his plump needy ones. Jimin sighed against his lips, willing himself not to lean forward to calm the need inside of him. "Whenever you get like this, you beg me anyways. You tempt me and tease me with your abilities on a daily bases yet now, of all fucking times, is when you beg me to stop?" He sneared the last word in frustration, pressing his hips against Jimin's.

"I've done that since we were young Yoongi... I tease you like that because i know you hate it... it's just something... I've always done," Jimin whimpered, clawing at the door he was leaned against to keep from gripping Yoongi's hips closer. Yoongi shifted slightly, leaning down to hover just above Jimin's ear. Their bodies were perfectly pressed against each other, and Yoongi loved and hated every moment of it.

"And now, you're going to see... just how much tension, frustration, anger, and need... all that teasing has done to me," he whispered before chuckling softly. Jimin could feel his chest vibrating against his own from Yoongi's chuckle. His eyes fluttered for a moment, and he could feel his body betraying his will as his hands moved to grip his waist.

"Why do you make me such a mess of a man Jiminie," He sighed, pushing Jimin's ripped shirt and blazer off his shoulders, letting them fall to the ground.

"Just... just shut up, sit down, and let me love you," he begged, not noticing his poor choice of words before Yoongi stumbled back onto his bed. Jimin didn't notice that he'd actually used his ability of persuasion on Yoongi, and he couldn't help but obey, not that he didn't want to. Yoongi looked up at Jimin with an expressionless face. Jimin looked back at him with a look that could only be described as pure lust. His bangs fell slightly over his eyes, and his lips tilted up in a smirk.

"Sorry Yoongi," he said before climbing onto his lap, straddling him. Yoongi's hands gripped his hips, almost too naturally, but Jimin barely noticed. He stared down at him before cupping one of his cheeks into the palm of his hand. Yoongi had no choice but to be silent, but didn't refuse or push him away. He didn't want Jimin to stop. "I'm sure... you'll regret this tomorrow, and because of that, so will I. For now... i can't think about anything but being inside you. Don't worry," he whispered, winking before licking Yoongi's lower lip. "I'll be gentle."

~About two hours later~

"I've never felt so fucking lied too in my enti- owch! Jesus fucking christ!" Yoongi whined, walking to his shower rubbing his tail bone. He groaned in pain but was glad as the warm water soothed his aches and pains. His head was pounding and his back stung from all the scratch and bite marks Jimin left. He didn't even want to look at his neck.

He closed his eyes, letting the water soak his body. Moving was the absolute last thing he wanted to do. He opened his eyes when he heard a knock at the bathroom door, and noticed the water was tinted slightly red. Jimin must've broken skin. Needless to say... he wasn't fucking gentle.

"Yoongi-yah?" Jimin called from the other side of the door. He felt bad for losing control after about an hour in. He wasn't gentle and he wanted to apologize before he went to take a shower.

"Come in." Yoongi groaned, leaning his head against the wall. He felt his knees weaken as Jimin opened the door, not being able to stand anymore.

"Yoongi-yah? Yoongi i'm so sorry i really didn't mean to hurt you. Oh my god i made you bleed-"

"Jiminie it's fine. Honestly, i'll be fine" He sighed, reaching up to grab his sponge. Jimin sighed and turned around to leave. "Stay," Yoongi said simply. "The least you could do is clean my back. I can't exactly see how much damage was done and please don't apologize again. I said it's fine."

Jimin bit his lip, feeling an appology threaten to escape his lips. He didn't know what else to do, so he did as Yoongi asked.

He walked into the shower, taking the sponge from Yoongi's hand. He decided to ditch it though, knowing it would hurt him and slowly smoothed his hand over his back. He turned off the shower head and filled up the tub with hot water.

"Jimin, what are you-"

"Shh," he smiled, plugging the tub with a stopper. "I did this the first time for Kookie and Tae. You have to soak in hot water. It'll help your muscles relax." He explained. Yoongi nodded, allowing him to do whatever.

"How bad is it?" Yoongi asked. Jimin took a good look at his back that had multiple scratches on it. The worst were the pair of four scratches that broke skin, leading from his shoulders, down to his hip. Jimin had never left such a mark on someone before, and he pouted, gently smoothing away the small amount of blood that dripped from the scratches. He was so mad at himself, but at the same time he loved it. He felt like he'd claimed who he wanted to for so long.

"They're long scratches, but there's not much blood." He assured Yoongi, who simply nodded, turning round to sit comfortably in the tub. Jimin stayed kneeling, looking at him. His eyes were closed calmly, and his lips were parted slightly as he rested his head against the wall of the tub. Jimin smiled, seeing all the small scratches on his chest and bruises on his neck from kissing and sucking. He really could admire him for hours.

"I... didn't hate it. I don't regret it either." Yoongi sighed, opening his eyes to look at Jimin. Jimin felt a blush creep onto his cheeks, but he smiled happily none-the-less.

"Why did you never want to though?" Jimin questioned. The silence that hung in the bathroom was ear splitting.

"Because I'm a jealous person. Seeing you on missions and the things you have to do... more specifically, the people, makes me jealous. Even hearing you with Tae and Kookie fucks me up. I figured it'd only get worse if we were to be together. I figured... if i stayed away, i would eventually be fine-"

"Great job. You lied to yourself for no reason," Jimin cut him off, rolling his eyes. "You know more than anyone i hate my abilities. Not because i have them, but because i choose to wait till the last minute to monitor and control them. Know why?" He asked, moving closer to Yoongi who instinctively sat up from his slouched position. "I put it off because i hated fucking anyone that wasn't you. I've hated it for years and i'll hate it till i die. I want you, Yoongi."

"Until a mission forces you to fuck someone else," Yoongi scoffed. Jimin scrunched his nose up in annoyance before pulling Yoongi in to hug him. He sigh against his neck, leaving a soft kiss against his shoulder.

"I'll do my best to avoid it, but you know that if it has to be done, then it has to be done. Please work with me on this-"

"Don't blame me if i set whoever it is on fire," Yoongi joked. Jimin smiled and agreed.

Meanwhile in the living room, J-Hope was sitting with his headphones on, blasting any type of music that would block out the mess that was going on in Yoongi's room. He told Jin, who had woken up an hour after those two went at it, to let him know when they were done.

"It's over J-Hope," Jin smiled as he took the headphones out of his ears. J-Hope winced as his ears adjusted to the sudden quiet. He thanked Jin and stood up, following him to the kitchen.

"I know Yoongi came up with a plan while i was asleep," Jin smiled to J-Hope, then continued to get himself a bowl of ramen that Yoongi had made for them. J-Hope nodded, fixing himself a bowl as well. "Mind telling me?"

They both sat side by side on the couch, and J-Hope explained the plan. Jin agreed, but was also worried about Jungkook. He hoped that the youngest would, in fact, be alright.

Suddenly, Jungkook and Taehyung appeared in the house. Jin and J-Hope weren't phased by it anymore and simply said hi.

"We decided to close up early. I barely got any sleep last night and could feel myself passing out," Taehyung laughed. Jungkook nodded.

"I also didn't wanna be left alone in the store-"

"Aish you're such a baby," Jin joked. Jungkook did a cute flower pose with his hands and smiled. Taehyung smiled as well, moving to drag Jungkook to bed. They loved to use each other as body pillows.

"Oh wait! Hyung!" Jungkook stopped him. Taehyung looked up at him confused. "We didn't tell Jiminie that we were coming home early. Remember, he wanted to walk home with-"

"I'm here," Jimin smiled as he walked out of Yoongi's room with a towel around his waist. Jungkook and Taehyung's eyes went wide and their jaws almost dropped to the floor. "Go to sleep," he laughed as he walked into his room to change his clothes.

Taehyung and Jungkook stood there, still shocked until Yoongi walked out of his room after Jimin, fully clothed. Jungkook was about to say something to Yoongi until his eyes glowed orange, and fire appeared in the palm of his hands.

"Say anything and i'll make you feel the pain i'm feeling," he growled before pushing past them to the living room. Jin and J-Hope stayed quiet, refusing to piss Yoongi off.

"See what happens when we go to work?" Taehyung sighed before dragging a still shocked Jungkook to his room.

...*smiles innocently*

















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