My Ultimate Gongchan Ship!? ~Sunday~

Hello everyone!!

So I am back!! Sorry I kind of stopped posting cards for a while;; I know I'm such a bad support!! I'm no good for Gongchan!!! DX I know!!!! Stop reminding me :C

But I am back and I am ready to be a good support again!!!! :D Anyway, this week we'll be talking about what our favorite ship is in B1A4!!! Uh......But that's also where the problem for me comes in....

I don't have a favorite ship :l Because, it turns out, that I think I could ship Gongchan with everybody!! At first I thought it was CNU I shipped him with, but then I saw him with Jinyoung!! And then Sandeul and Baro and it was just.....!!!!

So instead of picking just ONE ship *wink wink* I'm going to shower you all with all the ships~!!!! :D :D :D :D



ShinChan!! (Gongchan + CNU)

Awwwwww aren't they just absolutely precious!?!?! They're such good friends and their bromance is real!!! Like, did you watch all the gifs!!?!?! My baby is so cute with my bias wrecker!!!!! Cx Awwww all cuddly and adorable~ God they're so cute!!!! I just looked at their pictures and gifs and my smile is literally taking up my whole face!!!!! My mouth hurts you guys!!!!!!! Someone save me from all these cuties!!!!!!!!

JinChan!! (Gongchan + Jinyoung)

Just look at them!!!!!!!!! They are soooooo cute together!!!!!!!! My beautiful bias with my adorable bias wrecker!!!!!!!! (Who literally kills me everytime I see a picture of him, so my heart is literally being teared to shreds looking at this ship!! Cx) Gaahhhh it's soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! My poor heartu can't take all this adorableness!!!!!! I don't even know how I'm typing all of this out....xC R.I.P Nina, you will be missed~

SanChan!! (Gongchan + Sandeul)

Guys!!!! Just look at the precious babies!!!!!!!!!!! Look at them and let your heart weep and smile at their cuteness!!!!! You can literally feel the innocence radiating off of them and their smiles literally will light up your day!!!!!!!! I'm screaming they're so cute!!! And Sandeul looks so small and babyish when he's with Gongchan!! It's sooooo cute cX Ahhhh just look at all that skinship!!!!! I can't breathe, they're too cute!!!!!!!

BaChan!! (Gongchan + Baro)

Waaaaahhhhh you can literally feel the masculinity just radiating off of them!!!!!! They look twice as sexy when they're next to each other!!!! (Can I say that? cX) And then when they smile awwwwwww whoever says Baro is scary has not seen him next to Gongchan!!!! Just look at them!!! They look like bunnies!!!!!!!!!! (And what is up with that picture of them eating Gongchan's shirt?? Like, Baro didn't want to eat his shirt???? Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!) Awwwwwwwww sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo uhhhhhhh I'm sorry I put so many pictures;; But I literally could not make a decision cX And if you guys know me then you know that I don't ship people normally, but when I see cute ships I will freak out!!!! I just can't handle all the cuteness!!!!

Anyway, I hope you guys can see why I was freaking out and if you didn't....I'm sorry for what you just experienced.... :l

(Just back away slowly and pretend you don't know me. I'll miss you, but I understand... cX)

Oh, also, who do you ship the most with Gongchan?? I'm genuinly curious ^-^

Anyway, see you all next Sunday~

~From your certified, professional pervert~

(I swear, I have a degree C;)

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Your certified, professional pervert. (I swear, I have a degree C;)
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