Throw Back Thursday!


In honor of Throw back Thursday I have a few of my favorite music videos that made me love Jay and the others.

Jay Park- Mommae ft Ugly Duck

My best friend saw his performance of this song and she thought he was so sexy. I had to put her in her place she can't steal Jay bae too. lol This music video also had Zico and when I was just getting into Zico and Block B I freaking geeked when I spotted him lol.

Jay Park- You Know ft. Okasian

My beat friend is obsessed with this song, she keeps playing it OMG! This is the same one who was introduced to Jay and his sexy ways when she saw the Mommae music video.

Gray- Good ft. Elo

This was in June of 2016 so not very old. I really liked this song though because honestly it was the first time I heard anything from Elo.

Simon D- Cheerz

Change in the game, Back in 2011 Simon was six younger and still fluffy af. My lover's rap skills got me melting all the time ❤.

Loco- Thinking about you ft Jay Park

I freaking love this song it gets stuck in my head when I listen to it. Loco is too cute and fluffy. The first song I heard from Loco was actually his song with crush called Still. I have recently learned about Loco and his fluffy cute self and his wild drinking ways. This music video makes me think he's into freaky chicks though .

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