The Bionic Magic King! Chpt 7: Ryu and Zakku; Wake Up Or Else...

*June 17, 2026, 11:30 Am, Zakku and Ryu are making their way to get some lunch, Ryu* Hey Zakku, Mind if I ask you something? *Zakku replies* Sure what is it? *Ryu* Do you remember how we met years ago? On that one mission? *Zakku looks up* Yea I remember it like it was yesterday, of course *He Chuckles* I was that kid who saved your ass from a pack of Stage 1 Wolf Gastrea.... I was the youngest person in that Squad, you were 16, I was 13... *Ryu* Yea you had my back that entire mission after that, I never seen a braver Kid back then, and I remember when the Admiral gave you that Medal of Valor. That moment I saw a glimpse into the future and the Badass you'd become, now look at you, a Young Stud who is the strongest Super Soldier in the Militia Marine and an outstanding father himself. *Zakku Smiles at that remark* Hey You're a Badass too I remember you taking a squad thru one of the bloodiest Battle districts in on the West side of the Tokyo area and all your men survived by your leadership alone, You got a very Strategic mindset when it comes to survival I just do what I have to to protect my Comrades in battle. I really don't put alot of thoughts into anything when I fight. *Zakku laughs and rubs the back of his head, Ryu* I get it you fight with Animal like instincts huh? *Zakku* Yea you can say that.... *He stops suddenly and looks down* Hey Ryu? *Ryu* Yea little Bro? *Zakku looks around to see if the coast is clear* Lately I've been feeling like these instincts have been sharper, I don't really know how to explain it but when I was fighting those Raptors earlier I felt something when they stopped and looked up at the building... almost like another presence got their attention... It felt familiar. *Ryu* Who knows it could've been your Parents or your little brother watching over you. You always tell me that they're always watching over you. *Zakku* It's not only that I feel like I'm being watched lately other than.... like by other people.... *Ryu* You mean other people besides Chitoge and Enju right? *Zakku* Yea something like that *They enter the downtown area and Levi is walking looking around with Lilith Dressed as Tourists Searching the area in hopes to make contact with Zakku, meanwhile Liese, Her twin sister Selina, and Akio get finished with their disguises, Liese looks at her sister and her maids outfit* We both look so Cute Selina ^-^ *She Hugs her little sister* No I'm not this is embarrassing, I don't know why in the world I'm here helping you get closer to a person you're in love with, but don't even know and who's especially the next Magic King?! For all you know He could possibly Destroy the world... *Liese* Oh Baby sister you haven't seen him yet, but I have and I've already kissed him *Selina* Y-you WHAT?! W-w-when?!? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!?! Where did you kiss him? *Liese Smiles* On the Lips~ and it was the most amazing one I've ever had~ *Selina Blushes heavily* You're crazy, you know *Akio interrupts* Okay Everything is set up in the kitchen! Now all we have to do let Levi and Lilith engage the the Target. *Selina puffs her cheeks out at her sister with a small blush, Liese* He's so Hunky I wonder if we can find We'll get him to come this way.... *Akio smirks* Hmmm it could happen of course because I'm the best chef in all of the world, people love what I cook up *She winks with a pot in her Grasp* Maybe I can make him fall for me with my cooking. They say that the quickest way to a man's heart is by being a great cook. *Selina sighs* Why am I here? *Liese* You're gonna help us Honey trap a Magic King *She Smirks, Meanwhile Levi and Lilith feel Zakku's presence on their way downtown, Lilith* He's close let's keep going. *Levi Smiles and walks alongside her* Bet you I'll spot him first *She smiles slyly, Lilith* P-please don't do anything Hasty that will weird him out... remember he still hasn't really made any type of contact with us.... *Levi Replies* Hai Hai Sensei don't make such a big deal abo- *Before she could finish her sentence Zakku and Ryu pass by in the opposite direction, Ryu* I heard there's a new cafe that opened up downtown we should check it out. *He Chuckles* Never know if there could be cute waitresses there. *Zakku sighs* Don't you think Tsugumi would kill you if she saw you flirting with other women? I mean she was an assassin before you met her and she was Chitoge's bodyguard before She and I graduated High school. Remember that's why you were obsessed with her in the first place, because you knew she could kick your ass. *Laughs* She still probably can even though she's expecting a child. *Ryu smiles* You're right, hey let's invite Enju and Chitoge out to lunch then would be nice to catch up ya know? *Zakku Walks ahead and without paying attention into Levi and Lilith* I'm sorry Ladies I wasn't paying attention. *Zakku looks up and Time Freezes and turns white around only Zakku, Levi and Lilith are visible, Lilith* Awaken Jēmezu Zakku son of Magic King Despero Trinity and Olivia The Saint of Lust ... If you don't we'll have to kill you... *Zakku's eyes widen* Who the hell are you?! What do you want from me?! *Zakku's Eyes widen and Holds his head as if old memories of his parents flood into his brain, Before he can speak the white reality fades back to the real world and the Girls disappear* Wait! *Ryu walks over unsure of what's going on and why Zakku is holding his head* Zakku Are you alright?! *Zakku Holding his head* Yea I'm fine, where did those two women go? *Ryu* What two women, Zakku? It's just us walking here. *Zakku looks at Ryu* You didn't see them? *Ryu* You're just seeing things Zakku, not too mention you haven't had much sleep lately come on and let's call and meet up with Chitoge and Enju at that new restaurant. *Zakku Holds his head, Mind* What's going on? My head is spinning... *Ryu is worried* Let's go to the Restaurant and then call Chitoge. *Zakku still holding head and his mind is spinning* What were they talking about? I've never seen those two in my life, but how do they know my name... and how do they know the names my parent's.... Do I know them? *The words of Lilith repeat in his mind* Awaken Jēmezu Zakku son of Magic King Despero Trinity and Olivia The Saint of Lust.... If you don't we'll have to kill you... *Zakku's mind* Trinity? Saint of Lust? The hell were they talking about? Their names are Despero and Olivia Jēmezu.... *Ryu looks at Zakku worried* I'd better call Chitoge, Zakku's never been this spooked before.... *Ryu Pulls out his Phone and calls Chitoge, She answers* Hey Chitoge... It's Ryu can you and Enju come downtown Zakku's not himself, it's like he's Spooked about something.... I'm not sure it's the lack of sleep or what he thinks he's seen two people... *Chitoge* Of course of course where are we going to meet up? *Ryu* That new Maid Cafe that has been talked about for the past week. *Chitoge* Oh the one Enju saw on TV, I'll meet you two with Enju there in a few minutes. *She hangs up and is worried* Zakku... What's wrong Darling? You haven't slept in days and been very distant and you've been on alot of missions where you almost lost your life... I wish you could just tell me, I'm your Bride to be aren't I? I love you... I wish you more more open to me when you scared... please don't scare me.... *Enju comes in* Mama? Is everything ok? Did something happen to Papa *Chitoge smiles* No sweetie He's just fine, in fact We're gonna go and see Zakku and Uncle Ryu for Lunch at that place you saw on TV *Enju's eyes light up* Really, yay!!!! *Chitoge smiles* Go put your shoes on and we'll head over there, okay! *Enju* Okay ^-^ *She runs to her Room and comes back out with her usual outfit on and her Orange and yellow Bunny Hoodie* I'm ready to go Mama!! *Chitoge opens the door and they leave for Town towards the new Restaurant, Zakku snaps out of it as He and Ryu turn the corner to where the Restaurant is located, Liese and Selina are standing outside, Liese's eyes lock onto Zakku immediately, Liese's mind* Showtime ^-^ *Selina looks over at her Older twin whose Drooling* Oh boy....

Hey Guys it's been a while, I'm glad to be back into writing which makes me feel awesome! Hope you guys enjoyed this Chapter, I ended up having tons of stuff come up... *Chuckles* Adulting can have its ups and downs, but hey I hope you guys enjoy this Chapter!! ^-^@AimeBolanos@trustfundkid@NessaB@NeckoNecko@SimplyAwkward@SAMURXAI@tylor619

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