A magician never reveals his secrets

=Today's expressions for Fri-Jan 5th = 1. A magician never reveals his secrets. 마법사는 자기 비밀을 절대 공개하지 않아. 2. I want to throw my arms around her. 그녀를 내 품에 안고 싶어요. 3. This news will make you feel much better. 이 소식이 너를 훨씬 더 기분 좋게 해 줄 거야. = My story with today's expressions = You know that some people never reveal their secrets, even though others have already got the news. I could never understand why they do that, ugh~~ However, I don't hate them, though I figure they seem a bit foolish and pitiful. Furthermore, I'd to throw my arms around those who really want to get out of those situations. Fortunately, nobody's indifferent towards them so they will make them feel much better, won't they?

Making mistakes is better than doing nothing.
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