Peter Pan


Hey ya'll!!!!! Happy Friday!!!! So I was supposed to post this last night and I failed, miserably!!!!! So, I'm posting today. I don't know how many chapters this story is going to have, but let's just enjoy the ride, shall we?????

The snow was pouring down on your window. You was sitting by the fire place with a cup of hot chocolate and a old tatter book next to you. As you sipped on your drink, you smiled at memory that came to your head. You remember your best friend would always read and drink hot chocolate together when it snowed. Your smile falter a bit because you knew that you and him were both miles apart. Your dad was just promoted a few years ago and here you are, bored and lonely.

You picked up the book and dusted off the cover. You opened it and turned to the first page and began to read. Through out the middle of the chapter, you felt your eyes began to droop and the next thing you knew, you was asleep. What happened next, you couldn't determine if it was all a dream or real.

You opened your eyes only to realize that you were outside in a field. "About time you woke up." Your head turned to see who's voice it was. You see an outstretched hand in front of you. You look up only to see a handsome, smiling face staring at you. You squint your eyes because you knew that face from somewhere, but you just couldn't place it. As your eyes adjust, you realized where the voice was from.

You looked up to a pair of dark brown eyes smiling back at you, and you realized that it was your best friend from your childhood. You took his outstretched hand and helped yourself up. He then pulled you into a strong embrace. "It's been a minute, haven't it?" He whispers. You pulled back to get a good look at him. It has, you said. You looked around and noticed how strange everything was. What is this place, you wondered. As you pondered on what this place was, you was snapped out your thoughts as your friend motioned to see if you was still alive. Earth to Y/N!!!!! Hello!!!! Can you hear me????? Let's go explore!!!!!! You shook your head as you notice him running in the distance. You glanced around and decided to follow.


I wonder where they are heading to. Stay tuned for the next chapter!!!!!!







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