Thirsty or Nah?

All this water and I'm still fcking thirsty.


I've decided this man is my new baby daddy. I'm having his ducklings all six of them. Yes, six of them. Just look at this dork, I love that smile and the way his eyebrows rainbow arch like that. His eyebrows are thick too, damn.

Swag on point

Something We Asains Got Duck definitely got Swag


The fucking faces he makes, I'm a weirdo so if he's willing to make faces with me I already know he's my man.

That shirt. Is he an Aaliyah fan? Alright duck picking quality .

Alright I loved Duck before because he's got that tough rapper look. Like I feel if you look at him the wrong way he'll be ready to knock your head off your shoulders. I don't know why I find that sexy but I do. He just looks dangerous, he could be a damn care bear but because he looks tough he's hot as hell. @FromBlue2U posted a pic of Baby Duck and that's when I decided I was having his kids. Look at how fat and squishy he is omg. My baby fever is getting worse

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