Super Junior Mod Support and Member Introduction

Hello ELFs! My name is Melissa. Thanks to@QueenPandaBunny for letting be part of Super Junior Mod Support. For this Quarter, I'll be supporting Siwon and SuJu M. I've been a Super Junior fan awhile now. So I'm really happy that I'm supporting my bias wrecker.

Let me share some information about myself. I was born and raised in Texas. I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. I currently live in Waco, Texas. I work for an manufacturing plant in McGregor, Texas. I've been with the same company now for 16 years. I'm a huge WWE fan. My favorite wrestlers are The Rock, John Cena, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Goldberg. I love kpop but its comes second to WWE. I'm a drama addict. I love watching dramas such as kdramas, cdramas, tdramas, jdramas and Thai dramas. I've watched some much Asian dramas that I don't really watch American dramas hardly ever. I'm a multiple fan, so I'm in multiple fandom. There are too many to mention. I'm Boys Republic Moderator. Besides being mod support for Super Junior, I'm also part of the following mod support. BtoB BlackPink Beast Infinite Topp Dogg Winner Jay Park NCT History (unofficially) Its going to be a crazy and fun Quarter.

Now on to my member Introduction. I'll be supporting Siwon and featuring Super Junior M on Sundays and Mondays. Let's start with Siwon. Birth name: Choi Siwon Also Known as: Siwon Chinese Name: Cui Shi Yuan English Name: Andrew Choi Nickname: Simba Birth Date: February 10, 1987 but real birthday is April 7, 1986 Place of Birth: Seoul Gangnam, South of Han River near Apgujung Height: 183 cm/ 6' Weight: 65 kg/ 143 lb Blood Type: B Siblings: younger sister Choi Jiwon Specialty/ Hobby: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Taekwondo, Chinese language and Playing drums Education: Inha University Now for Super Junior M. Super Junior M is one of the sub units of Super Junior. They are composed of seven members: Siwon Donghae Henry Kyuhyun Zhoumi Ryeowook Sungmin and former member Hangeng Genre: Kpop, Mandopop, dance, R&B and electronic Years active: 2008-present Super Junior-M, often referred to as SJ-M, is a Chinese-South Korea's S.M. Entertainment. The band was the first International music group in the Chinese music industry to have members of both Chinese and Korean descent. That's all for now about Super Junior M. I'll be sharing more about them on Mondays.

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Hello! I'm a multiple kpop fan and drama lover. I love being part of Vingle, which helps me with my kpop cravings. 😊
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