My Yaoi pick for the week (month?)

Hello! StarlightV here! I am about to head out on a trip, and I wanted to share with you the most recent Yaoi I've been reading, why? Because it's one of my all-time favorites and it's ADORABLE!

It's nice and long, and free to read here:

(Kokoro (Kanda-neko))

This Manga is SUPER ADORABLE, and so cute, it'll make your squishy insides melt time and time again. And it's so FUNNY!

The best friend of the older (Seme) Saki-San is positively hilarious and very relatable.

And Jun is SO perfectly relatable (especially for anyone crazy in love). I love him so much!

When you miss the person you love!

And reunion! <3

When the couple life is real (Relationship goals!)

This made me laugh so hard. Because Jun (Uke) is so cute, people give him stuffed animals as gifts and stuff. This was supposed to be a body pillow to replace Saki-san.

Definitely a moment we've all had in public.

Aaaaaand finally, you have to love best friends who care about us to make sure we're not being taken advantage of, right Jun-kun? Lol. It's an awesome manga, I highly suggest it once again. Don't say I didn't warn you about the maturity though, okay?

I love KPOP. It has taken over my life. That is all you need to know. Lol.
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