When Jak Met Jiyong Part 6

She sits up straight in her chair as he sits down with the food.

“Oh, that smells SO good!”

He holds the tray away from her, “What do you say?”


He hangs his head with a giggle, shaking it no.

She tries again, clearing her throat. “Why thank you, Lord GDragon, for the bountiful feast thou art about to bestow upon my stomach and I. Now, can I eat it?”

Licking his lips and grinning at her he sets the food down and then watches her devour it with fascination.

“You are by far, the strangest girl I have ever met.”

“Why, thank you! I consider that a compliment. Why would I want to be like everyone else, that’s boring.”

She munches on a fry and suddenly looks sad. “You guys really need to get fry sauce over here.”

“Fry sauce?”

“Yeah, it’s this sauce you dip your fries in. Why it’s called – F R Y S A U C E.”

“Okay, we call that ketchup.”

“Boring. Fry Sauce is Ketchup or BBQ Sauce, depends on where you get it from really, mixed with mayonnaise and sometimes pickle relish but I hate the stuff with relish in it. Lumpy sauce is gross.”

“Hm, so we could make you some?”

She looks up and does a little wiggle. “Oh! We could! Let’s do it!”

He watches in amusement as she heads to the condiment counter and squirts large amounts of ketchup and mayonnaise into little cups. He follows her to bring back a larger cup and fork to mix it with.

“Did you grab a spoon? Oh, I guess a fork will work, let me see.”

Once she has it mixed up she dips a fry in it and tastes. “Not too bad, not exactly the same but it will do.”

“May I try it?” he hints at her.

She picks up a fry and smiles at him, “Sure go ahead”. She then leans over and gives the fry to a dog waiting patiently by the table.


She looks up, totally naïve. “Seriously what?”

He shakes his head in unbelief, picks up a fry and dips it into the sauce. He throws it in his mouth, after a few chews he nods his head in agreement.

“Not bad.”

“Than what was the seriously for? What’d I do?”

He points at the dog, “You threaten me and chase me around the studio because I tried to take your chips and you willing share your food with a dog? What happened to being protective of it?”

“Well,” she drawls the word out as she swings a new fry around. “To be quite honest, I only just met you yesterday. This dog,” she leans toward the dog and receives a doggy kiss, “I’ve been seeing for weeks and as you can see, we’ve shared doggy drool. You can’t top that.” She smiles and shoves the fry in her mouth.

“That’s all it would take? Sharing drool?” he asks with a wicked look and raised eyebrow.

She doesn’t even blink, “Doggy drool, you left that part out and yep, pretty much.”

While on the outside she seems cool and sarcastic, with an answer to everything; on the inside she is smacking her head on the table. ‘Why?!? Why am I the way I am?”

For those that read Revelry, there was a hint at her & BFF's friendship - anyone catch it?

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