Why Aren't You Guys Participating In Vingle Contests Anymore?


Hello everyone!!

So yeah, I'm restarting this series up because I still have like fifty thousand questions to ask you guys...And for this question I'm going to be direct:

Why aren't you guys entering all the Vingle K-Pop contests that are going on every now and then!??!!? DX

(This card is mainly directed towards vinglers on the k-pop vingle and other similar communities since those are the communities where the contests come from...Just in case you thought this card was irrelevant to the k-pop community;;)

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-This is NOT meant to be a rude question or be directed to any one person!! I'm not saying that people who don't participate in contests are stupid or anything rude like that!! I'm just geniunly curious as to why people aren't participating in the contests, so please please do NOT take this offensively or feel like it's directed towards you in any bad way, please no hate!! It's just a question and I'm looking for a peaceful answer...

-If this question offends you in anyway then I recommend just turning the other way and completely ignoring these cards. And if for some reason I am tagging you in them or if at any point these start to get offensive and you don't want to be tagged anymore than please message me and I'll be sure to remove you.

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Like, lots of communities have been having a ton of fun contests these last couple of months now and they're so fun!!

Some have even been handing out prizes along with the contests!! But even the contests with small gifts are always fun to participate in~ So what's the problem??

There was that one huge contest back in Halloween that had 30+ entries and that was amazing seeing so many creative individuals contributing to the contest with their amazing fanfictions!! And after that there was the Christmas one and now the Spring one. There was also like a G-Dragon scavenger hunt and small Valentine ones from a couple different communities (I know there were more, but you get the point).

But after the Halloween one, less and less people would participate in the contests that were created afterward, it doesn't even matter what community it was, both big and small k-pop communities were "rejected".

Okay, I'm not saying if you don't participate in these contests than you're a terrible person and blah blah blah. No!! I am not saying that at all!! I understand that we have our own lives and sometimes we don't have time to write fanfic (or fanart, etc.) and that's totally reasonable!! The same thing happens to me and I wasn't able to contribute my own stuff to the contests, it happens to everybody. And those contests are less important than your life and health!! So don't think I'm bashing on anyone here because of that;;

I'm just wondering why so many people have stopped doing the contests altogether and stuff. Is it really because of that huge vingle update that completely changed how Vingle was, and even made it difficult at times to post cards? Okay, I totally understand that too. I really got butt hurt over that too and I even left Vingle for a bit, but no matter how many times we whine about it it's not going to go back to how it was. Hopefully, the Vingle people will fix things and make it all good again and our cards stop ending up getting ruined (that's still a problem and it's soooo annoying >.>).

But.... You guys will come back...Right? I thought people liked it here because it was a great place to meet other k-pop fans and to express our creativity and such. So if you plan to leave, please come back eventually;; Or come back every now and then. Because it's not as fun without everybody we once knew and stuff. Also, to all the new fans, we welcome you with big hugs and appreciation!! It really is a great place. And everybody, the contests are only FUN if you participate and contribute to them :C

I know you all are creative and incrediably talented people!! I've seen what all of you guys can do, and it's amazing!! I know I'm not that well known of a Vingler and I haven't been here that long either, but I'm happy to work with all of you again to make Vingle a great place again.


(Yaaaa that was a lot of talking from....I'm sorry;; And I'm even more sorry that I could've kept going cX But again, please don't get mad or anything!! I really just want to see why you guys think people aren't participating or why you personally don't participate. That's all ^-^)

What do you guys think?

Do you think less people have been participating in the Vingle contests or am I blind and it's always been like this?

Do you normally participate in contests and go crazy over them or are you more of a person who sits on the sidelines and reads (or just looks) at the other Vinglers' entries?

~From your certified, professional pervert~

(I swear, I have a degree C;)

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