Life is so unfair in Pokemon

I never understood why you need rock smash when you have moves that can smash a rock just as easily. People that wanted to be tag @AndersonTapia@animerg13@ChristopherKenn@ctsr1@HelloKittie@KrisTheFreak@MasonBurt@ShinigamiSan@SimplyAwkward@StarlightV If you wish to be tag just let me now.

Hello everyone the name is Alexandra or you can call me Allie for short. I'm a huge gamer and I love anime a lot. Thanks to Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. I'm also a huge fan of creepypasta and well pretty much anything gory, bloody, and scary. Something a girl shouldn't like but I don't give a damn. Overall I'm a really easily to get along with unless you get me angry then that's a different story.
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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