I, Tempest

I am not the same person I was a year ago. I'm not going to make the same mistakes. I am stronger, I feel infinitely more confident, and I finally feel like I have direction to my life. I really do feel like enormous chains have fallen away, and I am free! Basic training started yesterday, and I am super excited. I've worked hard to prepare for this over the past month or so, and I hope that I do well throughout. I qualified on the shotgun yesterday and scored 100/100...which is pretty awesome for a n00b, right? Not as hot on the Glock 9, but I'll have a whole week to improve. I'm just glad I didn't become the new horror story or punchline for the class, and that we didn't have any mishaps. I leave out to go to the training facility, in the morning. I cannot deny that I'm quite nervous...especially about the physical training and pepper spray. And I'm nervous about leaving my kids during the weekdays for 5 weeks. I've never been away from them, and I really hope that things don't get terribly eventful while I'm away. I think I miss them already, if that is possible. Just breathe, right? The other cadets are already kind of pairing of into couples and besties. It leaves me feeling like an extra piece on the chessboard or something. As far as training, I know I'll be able to power through it on my own, but I guess I was kinda hoping for the companionship of a battle buddy. We'll see. Well, goodnight Vingle. I have a long week ahead, and still have a bit of packing to finish. Catch you on the flip side!

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