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Jay Park ft Ugly Duck- Ain't no Party Like an AOMG party

There's a club where I live and once a month on Saturday they go all out with Kpop music. it's about an hour away so when I'm trying to get my friends in the clubbing, party having spirit this is the track we listen to on our way there.

Loco ft Crush- Still

This song is beautiful and gives me many feels. I listen to this song when I want to write something deep or when I need inspiration on writing a new short film. I would love to have Loco and the AOMG crew write a song for one of my movies one day.

Hyolyn ft Jay Park- One step

Need something fun, cute and full of gooey love try this song. The beat is nice, Hyolyn's voice is pretty and when Jay's voice comes in you're just about ready to find you a man to get it on with (or is that just me )

Simon D & Gray ft Hoody- You are always

Now I watched their live performance and I don't know why I didn't use that video (blame it on laziness) but the beat gets to me. Music makes me very emotional you guys and for some reason this song really make me emotional.

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