Coffee Break part 50

Wow, didn't think I was going to make it tonight, but I did lol. I was our most of the day so late in the night I started writing this part and finished. So Yey! Now we can find out what exactly Tae will do lol.

Tae view*** I left the dorm by myself escaping yoongi from holding me back from leaving. I wasn't sure how I was going to get the information out of Keri but I had to know, and she knew. Ah I could tell her a sob story in order for her to give Me sympathy and tell me, ah or I could remind her I got yoongi to ask her out and played cupid for her. All these ideas came to mind as I went to her house. I arrived at her house and knocked on her door. Several minutes went by before the door opened. Keri looked disheveled and really angry. "Who is it?" She asked in a gruff voice. "Uh keri you okay?" I asked a little worried.  "Oh it's you Tae. What are you doing here?" She asked stepping aside and letting me come in. "Did Yoongi do something to you?" I asked a little worried but she shook her head. "Research. I've been looking at a lit up screen for two hours now scrolling through history. My eyes hurt" she sighed. "Well that sucks" I said which made her laugh. "My plan is to get all this information about ballroom dancing and the banquets they had over in England ." She said. "Okay" I said "Sorry you probably don't want to hear about it" she sighed. "You forget something?" She asked. "No" I said looking away. "I came to ask you about Layla" I blurted out. Keri stopped and turned to look at me. She paused and then grinned. "So Yoongi told you I know" she asked. "Yes, so tell me" I gave her puppy dog eyes.  Keri stared at me then burst out laughing. "Oh my adorable puppy" she said pinching my cheeks. "I can't tell you that" she said. "Come on, for your puppy dog Tae Tae?" I repeated I'm a kiddie voice. "As adorable as you are I'm already on your side rooting for you. But I will neither confirm or deny" she chuckled. When she started walking away from me I reached out and pulled her to me, her back to my chest. "Alright, well if you don't tell me I'm going to just have to pry it out of you" I said. "Really now? And how would you do that?" She asked. I thought for a moment, now that I had her captured what could I do? "I could tickle you until you tell me' I said. My arm was wrapped around her waist so with my other hand I started to tickle her side. She started to squirm around in my arms and them giggling. "I'll stop if you tell me if Layla likes me" I told her. "Its your only escape" I said moving my hand up her side which made her squeal even more. "Okay okay" she said breathlessly "I'll tell." "Alright," I said taking my hands off her.  She slumped against the wall and started to breath heavily. It took her a minute to catch her breath. "So does she like me?" I asked. Keri looked at me and started to laugh again. "Is that a no?" I asked but she shook her head back and forth "so its a yes?" I asked. She was still laughing and shook her head again. "Which is it?" I asked confused. "Oh Tae Tae. I like you" she said. "And because I like you I want to play cupid for you" she said which made me smile. "Like I played cupid for you and Yoongi?" I asked. "Hmm that was just a push in the right direction." She said. "Okay now please please tell me your shipname. I've been trying to figure out which one it is and I just can't tell which one fits" she said Keri even had shipname for me? What had she come up with? I really wanted to know. "Tayla, laytae, latida? Latae??" She made a few choices. "Tayla ? That's new. Namjoon came up with Latte for me" I told her. "Latte? Latae? Oh my gosh I love it! " she exclaimed. Then she started to dance around. "So does this mean Layla does like me? More then kooki?" I asked. With all this I was actually confused if I got an answer. "Well I'm glad all this didn't give it away. I honestly thought I had." She laughed. "Well you got me in good spirits. So I have a favor. Tomorrow at noon meet me at this café and I'll tell you" she went to scribble something down and handed me a piece of paper. I took it and grinned. "for real? you will?" I asked. "Yes, so mee there at noon. now go so I can finish my research" she started to push me out the door. "and thanks for the laugh. I needed this break" she said. Then the door was shut in my face.

Keri view*** I couldn't believe that Tae actually didn't waste any time in coming to see me. With all my actions I thought it was pretty clear that I knew Layla liked him. So I played cupid. I couldn't help myself. I wrote down the address of a cafe that Layla liked a lot and handed it to Tae. After he left I grabbed my phone and sent a message to Layla asking her to meet me at the cafe tomorrow at noon. Within minutes she sent back a message saying 'Sure, now let me sleep crazy lady' I laughed at that and set my phone down. Yey I wasn't going to show up, but those two will be there!

*********** lol Oh Tae Tae! oh Keri! OMG Keri, you clever way you! I can't believe your setting them up and they have no clue. I just had to add that extra bit of what Keri is doing!

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