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Hello my darlings!

This week in the Korean Stars community, we're (excitingly!) doing all sorts of cards about the drama Angry Mom!

SO! It seemed only right that for Idol of the week, we talk about the dear and wonderful...


Baro is a part of the group B1A4, as singer and main rapper.

His real name is Cha Sun-Woo, his birthday is September 5, 1992, making him twenty five years old this year.

He is signed with WM Entertainment, and trained with them for two years before being announced as a part of B1A4.


Baro plays the character Hong Sangtae, the quiet son of the chairman of the school. I won't spoil it, but his character is quite interesting. I loved seeing him in this drama.

(Also I love these photos from the Dispatch.)

I hope you've enjoyed this Idol of the Week card! Look forward to more cards from the Korean Stars Community!

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