I need a Cha Cha Chocolate bar MCM (Late)


I so meant to post this but in the middle of making it I fell asleep. Unfortunately when I woke back up I had to write another story rather than finish this. My bad

He takes great photos. Personally I've worked with the old cameras where everything is manual and I've only done black and white. Cha Cha Malone would make a wonderful subject for my viewfinder to capture. He has such a dramatic look to him and put him in black and white and the feels will over flow.

God I love a man in a suit. Jay get the hell out of the picture I'm tryna focus on that hershey kiss.

Shit with a body like that I'll call him Daddy, papi, appa, Godiva bar, chocolate rain, Boss, Mr. Malone, Mr. Big....... okay I'm not gonna finish that but I think you know where my mind was going.

I love that space on his eyebrow. Jay did that shit too and it looks so sexy, IDK why I find it hot but it is. I love him with facial hair he should keep it.

Everyone Loves Cha Cha Chocolate. I needed something to curb my sweet tooth. Come to Mommi!

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