Help Me Suga fic pt 7

sorry for the late update but boi I got some news for u!! At the same time that I am updating this series I will also be making chapters for other bts members!!! ++++++Warning+++++

-Flashback to when (y/n) and Yoongi were kids- "Hey (y/n) can I ask you something? " "Yeah anything we are best friends after all" I say as I play in the sandbox. "Will you promise to be by my side always no matter what? " I stop what I was doing and look up at him. "Of course!!! if anything bad happens to you I would sacrifice myself to save you! " hugs him. -----flashback ends----- "Okay I made up my mind.... I choose--" Jay cuts me off "Instead let's do this we fuck he lives but u die but if u refuse he dies" luaghs evily. "I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF I DIE JUST DONT FUCKIN HURT HIM YOU LITTLE CUNT! " "Oooh girl does that mean you would fuck me and die to save his useless life? " he leans closer to me. I nodd sobbing. "Well Yoongi ain't this a wonderful day for you. You even get front row to all the action. " Jay pats Yoongi on the chest. No matter how hard Yoongi tries to squirm his way free it doesn't work. Jay walks to me lifts my chin and whispers in my ear, " Just to let you know... I'm a kinky bitch. " he then bites my ear. He releases me from the chair but still has me tied up. "Let's have some fun! " he grabs me by the hair and throws me to the bed. He ties both my arms to the bed rest. I really wanna scream. He goes from my legs and crawls on top of me like a tiger. "Awe look at you your quivering how cute. But you know what's even cuter... you in a blindfold. " he reaches beside the bed and puts a blindfold on me. "Now Yoongi watch and learn. " "Leave her the fuck alone! " "Pipe down I said watch and learn don't talk." I then hear what sounds like a whip. "Now how about we get rid of these clothes." he takes my shirt off then my pants. "Baby girl this will only sting." he whips me and whips me over and over. I'm crying through the blindfold. Please Stop. "Now let's put this on you and the leash and let's get down to business. " he puts what seems to be a choker with a leash around my neck . I can feel his breathe coming closer and closer to my area. He bites the edge of my panties and uses his teeth to take it off me. He sticks his tongue inside me. I try to squirm him out but every time I move he squeezes my thighs really hard. Once he was done he finally went inside me thrusting so hard into me with each thrust going in deeper and deeper. Please just kill me. Yoongi Help Me. I'm doing this because I love you Yoongi and only you. Now that Jay had his fun and was satisfied it's now time that I leave. Jay kneels me down in front of Yoongi. I'm crying I look up at Yoongi with tears in my eyes. This is gonna be the last time I see him. "Yoongi.." sobbs "I just want to say that.. I love you and had always loved you since the day we first met please just look away... And thank you for being a good friend love you... "

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