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Nero narrowed his eyes looking at them, "I want to know which of you has ever used your strengths, your powers. I know Kai has been and Suho just discovered his. I think Chen used his during his struggle with the Grawl hunter…" "Wait, how do you know that Chen used his, how do you know Chen was taken by that Grawl thing?" Baek asked, he stood in front of the others, like he was protecting them. "And who are you?" "This is Nero… Taos father. Dr. Yin spoke of him the other night, remember?" Suho said, "Its okay. He knows more about us than we do. We should at least listen to what he has to say." "And we should listen to you because why?" Xiumin asked. Nero looked at him. "You shouldnt be so angry young Xiumin. Your father said to make sure you knew he was okay and that you and him would be reunited when the time comes." Xiumin tsked, walked up to Nero, looking him in the eye. "I dont recognize you… I remember Taos father, your face looks nothing like what I remember." He glared at Nero, checking his features from side to side. "You're right. I dont have the same face, thats because the Grawl hunter took it." He tore a piece of his shirt, he looked at Suho, holding it out to him. Suho at first didnt understand then it hit him. Suho held a hand over the torn rag as water accumulated on his skin and trickled off his fingertips. The others, except Xiumin, were amazed. Beak grabbed Suhos hand and examined it. Everyone turned their attention back to Nero as he wiped his face. He wiped layer after layer of make-up off. A piece of prosthetic skin on his left cheek and upper forehead, peeled away. He pulled his left eye open and squeezed the black colored contact out to reveal a white eye. He stretched his jaw and rubbed his face. He stared at Xiumin with a scarred face that was barely recognizable. It looked as though something had severely clawed him. "I almost had him when he did this to me. My goal wasnt to capture him, but to kill him and he knew that. He CANNOT leave this planet." Neros voice turning stern, they seemed to automatically respond to him and stood in a row, listening carefully, "If he leaves this planet, he could bring other Grawl here and this planet will be destroyed. We will not let that happen. As primitive and savage as these humans are, we will not be held responsible for their demise. All records of this planet were destroyed back on Exodus. The only thing left is the Grawl ship and our memories. Whether you remember Exodus or not, its still in each of you. Do you understand?" They answered, "Yes." "Now lets see who can do what." Nero waited. They only stood with their heads down, not knowing what to do. With the exception of Kai and Suho, none of them had any idea. Nero told Kai and Suho to stand next to him. They stepped out of the line and stood in front of everyone. Their eyes looking to them as Nero motioned for Suho to do something. Suho put his hands out and slowly water started to gather on his skin like before but none of it dripped on the floor. He made a sphere out of the water. Baek, Sehun, and even Xiumin watched. Baek was scared to touch it but Sehun wasn't. Sehun stuck a finger into the sphere of water and giggled, "Its cold!" Xiumin rolled his eyes before pushing Sehun aside, still glaring at Suho. Suho watched him curiously as he lowered his hand over the water. Xiumin tapped the water making the water sphere freeze over completely. The sudden coldness shocked Suho. The ball of ice dropped and shattered to a million pieces. They all looked at Xiumin. Nero clapped, "Good, good…. Lets get started"

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